Hope Is Beautiful

Hope is beautiful, especially when it’s the hope that Blacks are finally changing and integrating into American society and that hope for change is exemplified by the gorgeous Stacey Dash.

Stacey Dash – A Beautiful American Black Woman

Yes, the lovely Ms. Dash came out in support of Mitt Romney instead of abiding by the mindless racial solidarity of the “Black Community.” She has also stood both strong and calm in the face of the heinous hate-filled and racist slurs that the “Black Community,” Liberals, and Progressives have heaped upon her for her audacity to think for herself and make her decisions upon the content of the respective candidates’ character as opposed to their racial self-identification.

Her choice, the reasons for it, and the strength of character that Ms. Dash has shown in the face of our domestic enemies’ attacks upon her should kindle hope in the hearts of Americans. She shows us all that there is hope that Blacks can and do, in a growing number of instances, change and integrate into American life, leaving the hate, racism, angst, and self-pity of the “Black Community” behind in favor of fully joining the nation that they’ve been graced with privilege of being born into.

I, like many Americans, could wax vitriolic upon the sick and disgusting behavior of Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants in response to Stacey Dash’s tweet, but what would be the point? Of course they hate her now; she left their plantation and they can’t abide by that. Any Black doing so strikes right to heart of the victimology and power base; a beautiful, sexy, Black actress doing so was bound to strip the thin veneer of civility off of them and show their true colors.

I’d much rather focus on this most beautiful hope for change – real hope, needed and worthwhile change. 😉

As An Aside: You can find some more explicit reasons for you to “support” Stacey Dash here.

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