Four More Years

So four more years of Obama barring oddities in the election results and direct action by individual Americans, both rather unlikely events.  As the Republicans easily maintained controlled of the House and continue to have enough seats in the Senate to easily block the more egregious efforts of Sen. Harry Reid, it’s also four more years of exactly the same things as the last four years.

We had the chance to change things by electing Mitt Romney but failed to do it. So now we’ll stumble along and get nowhere that is worth going as the economy continues to falter and stagnate and businesses limp along, flee the country, or fold.

This is the outcome I predicted for the 2012 elections.  It not the outcome I wanted but, given the nature of modern society, it’s the outcome I expected.



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12 Responses to “Four More Years”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    I knew there were Americans who would sell their souls for a government check and a free Obama phone. I had no idea they outnumbered us. We are now officially Greece, well at least California.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I can’t and won’t call those sorts Americans. They have little or nothing in common with Americans other than residence and the desire for the same resources.

    They’re not our countrymen. They’re the enemy and should be treated as such in all ways and with extreme prejudice.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    The mob now rules through our mad emperor . Maybe the Chinese will cancel his credit card and he will no longer be able to provide bread and circuses. The emperors went after the rich when they ran low on cash. If the mob does turn on him, no that won’t happen. I would like it to turn on the rich white suburbanites who think it is funny how they got back at Republicans because they want gay marriage and believe in global warming and still need to prove to themselves they are not racists. I personally know way too many of these people.

  4. jonolan Says:

    The mob rules how, Alan? The eaters and takers haven’t done that well under Obama’s attempted reigned because Americans still control the House and have enough presence in the Senate to nullify the vermin, Reid.

    In truth, it the eaters, takers, and their shills that should worry about the “mob” since, sooner or later, Americans will wake up and realize that it’s blood and fire that will save America, not the ballot.

  5. Alan Scott Says:


    His tax the rich scheme will not bring in the big bucks he will need. The IRS, the FBI, the CIA, and yes the Obama KGB will come after the regular people. I am reading up on the histories of the dissidents of the Eastern block. It may come to that here.

  6. jonolan Says:

    True, Obama’s eat the rich mantra, if realized, won’t bring in any money. Quite the opposite, in fact, it’ll cost the feds’ revenue.

    That’s not really important to Obama though, nor is gaining any more control or achieving anything at all. The boy’s pretty much got what he wanted – two terms in office and a cushy life afterwards.

    You’ve got to remember, Alan, that with Obama it’s all rhetoric and half-assed actions designed to benefit him and him alone. Now that he’s gotten what he wanted, he’s not going to do much, not that he ever did or could…

  7. Ceefour Says:

    Lets not forget the 3 million registered Republicans who did not get off their dead butt to vote. We could have beaten barry with plenty to spare. The term “Direct Action” sounds intriguing. Things have happened for much less……

  8. jonolan Says:

    I’m not sure how much good those 3 million would have been given the electoral college works, ceefour.

    Face it, county-by-county, most of the nation went for Romney but, unless the electoral college actually does what it designed to do, Obama will be handed a 2nd term.

  9. Alan Scott Says:

    Did you see how mad our Emperor got when the normally mild mannered Rinos went after Susan Rice? False rage. The guy is really as bad an actor as he is a President.

  10. jonolan Says:

    False rage is what one has to expect from the boy, Alan. It’s not like he really cares about Rice or anyone besides himself.

  11. Alan Scott Says:


    The old arrogance is back. As in 2009. ” We won.” They feel as omnipotent as four years ago. The old any criticism of Obama is racism attitude is here again. On the blogs too. I keep trying to explain how a President with such a horrific record received so many votes. Partially it is because so many are shielded from the pain of Obama’s policies. When you collect 99 weeks of unemployment, not having a job and working under the table is pretty good.

    I wonder if the rot of this bunch of Kommissars will finally bring them down. You get events like fast and furious, and Benghazi when you see yourselves as rulers instead of public servants.

  12. jonolan Says:

    Bravado is a necessary part of politics when one’s position is weak. The weaker the position, the more severe the arrogance and bravoado…until someone calls their bluff.

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