Death To All Juice

Sometimes one’s enemies do things that are far more laughable than they are dangerous. The Islamists are often among the more humorous enemies of civilization – though one shouldn’t discount their desire and capacity to enact savage acts of violence and terrorism. Still, we should enjoy the humor as we can.

Death To All Juice - illiterate, funny, but still potentially dangerous Islamist
Death To All Juice

Quick! Lock up the OJ! Guard the grapefruit! Protect the nation’s apple supply!  The Islamist Kefir Caliphate may soon be attacking a grocery store near you. 😆

This poor, illiterate antisemite, who was protesting Israel in Manhattan on December 28th, 2008, really made a fool out of himself and what passes for his cause. Notice the look on the better dressed and presumably better educated Muslim behind him – the one trying to yank that sign away. Ouch!

The poor, benighted fool also seems to have never learned that oranges were one of Gaza’s major exports and cash crops before the interdiction.  Death To All Juice might not be the best or most appropriate slogan to brandish at a pro-Palestinian street protest.

Sometimes I wonder how these fools manage to use their weapons. Oh yeah, sometimes they don’t.

On a much more serious note – I wonder if improving the dismal literacy rates and overall education levels in many of the more problematical Islamic nations would reduce their peoples’ likelihood of joining the jihad or just make them more dangerous.

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5 Responses to “Death To All Juice”

  1. Prudie Says:

    Oh no! Not my carrot/celery/apple juice! They step one sandal-clad, Jihadi foot near my fridge and they’ll hear from Betsy, my trusty ol’ Colt OP.

    To borrow a word from the “Juice”, what schmucks. I’m uncertain if it is a blessing or a curse to have such stupid enemies.

    Ha. DId you know that there is an ad just above the comment section for an international Muslim dating site? That just tickles me.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, you’re carrot/celery/apple juice is at risk; guard it well, Prudie. I’d augment the Colt with a Vietnamese potbellied pig if I were you. 😉

    I’m uncertain as well as to whether the pathetic ignorance of our enemies is blessing or a curse. I would guess that education would reduce their numbers, but those that were left would be far more dangerous individually.

    Oh, and the ads are semi random and based on key words, so you get that sort of thing. You’d laugh yourself sick of you realized how many of my posts about Obama end up showing pro-Obama ads. LOL

  3. Josh Brandt Says:

    carrot/celery/apple? Sounds good, but I’m more worried about my orange/peach/mango. And I would substitute that colt with my katana. Its more fun that way! Lulz

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