Dangerous Weapons

BallotI am always confused by the general lack of understanding of risks, threats, and dangers shown by Liberals and Progressives in their oft-times strident public discourse. They would, if they could, disarm the American population and yet, at the same time, they rant about any sort of checks or restrictions placed upon people’s privilege of voting. This makes it obvious that they have no idea of what are dangerous weapons.

A rational, thinking American can easily answer the question of which is more dangerous and has greater body count to it record, firearms or franchise. That answer, easily arrived at by normal Americans, is franchise. Liberals and Progressives, contrariwise, will look confused and say something to the effect that firearms are dangerous and kill people and voting isn’t dangerous. Indeed, if one poses one of the Left such a question they will look at you as if you’re the one who’s insane.

This is more than a little strange since the only Republican they’ve ever claimed to have liked, President Lincoln, is often misquoted by them as saying that, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

There defense of free and unrestrained or controlled voting and attack upon most, if not all, forms of civilian ownership of firearms is also strange and either stupid or hypocritical in the light of their still ongoing attacks upon President George Bush, Jr.. They still, to this day, call him a war criminal and a mass murderer; “Bush lied and people died!” is still their refrain, and their boy, Obama, successfully got their votes by campaigning against President Bush twice, even though in neither case was President Bush his opponent. As President Bush was elected to office, as were the Congresses that approved all of his actions, the Liberals’ and Progressives’ attitudes make no sense at all.

Insofar as I can see, if these Leftists really wanted to restrict access to dangerous weapons, they’d be willing to start with restricting access to the ballot instead of the bullet as elected officials are far more dangerous than any man or woman with gun.


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