Biden's 2024 SOTD Address

Biden's SOTD Address
Biden’s SOTD Address

Creepy Uncle Joe’s 2024 State Of The Disunion Address was both exactly what anyone with a brain would have expected it to be, given that this is an election year, and a declaration – perhaps some years overdue – that American is in a state of civil war, albeit one that has yet to truly become “hot.”

It was nothing but a list of utterly false or appropriated “accomplishments,” many of which are only accomplishments in the minds of our now-avowed domestic enemies, the Democrats and declarations of righteous war against the forces of “evil,” i.e., President Trump, each and every Republican voter, and all those who still hold value in the traditional ways and mores of our nation.

So, that’s where were at. Biden has codified the existential division of the nation and made it clear that that the state of our disunion is casus belli in all but name and that the Democrats are the righteous defenders against us, the subhuman, deplorables who stand in the way of the Order that the Democrats want to enact upon we, the People.

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