Assassinating Obama

It seems that a recent user generated poll on Facebook has Obama’s followers very upset and all up in arms, figuratively at least. It asked a simple, unpleasant question – shouldย President Obama be killed?

Poll: Should Obama Be Killed [Click to Enlarge]

Quite unsurprisingly Obama’s devout followers raised secular hell over this and reported the whole thing to Facebook and the US Secret Services. Facebook, being ever an avid avoider of controversy, pulled the poll off their social network. The US Secret Service is currently looking for the individual who made the poll, though any form of prosecution is highly and thankfully unlikely.

Was the poll crass? Certainly and in the extreme! Given the Liberals’ and Blacks’ overwhelming fears and the incessant meme of Obama’s assassination that they’ve perpetuated, a poll of this nature is cruelly akin to poking sticks at caged animals.

Was the poll stupid? Yes, and quite juvenile as well. The choices it contained were sophomoric and showed a gross lack of knowledge of both history and the American political system.

Was the poll, as the Liberals rant, an incitement to violence against President Obama? No, not in any sane person’s mind. Questions of this sort, no matter how uncomfortable or poorly phrased, are not an incitement to violence nor are such questions, in a supposedly free society, to be harshly discouraged. Therefor I have recreated the poll below:

Should Obama Be Killed?

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In truth I see little worthwhile use for the above poll except as a possible reminder to President Obama that he not universal loved or admired and the growing displeasure the American people have shown him should already serve that purpose well enough. I’ve recreated it mostly because I believe that outlawing such questions in the public forum is one of the worst forms of tyranny, and one Liberals have grown exceedingly fond of.

In case anyone cares, I voted “No.” I see no reason at this juncture to kill President Obama. I cannot say that he has acted in a manner that makes calling for his removal necessary.

Since I’m not even, as yet, demanding that Congress impeach President Obama, how could I endorse his assassination? I can’t see where violent action is merited when civil measures haven’t even been attempted as of yet.

The sole benefit that I can find in the poll, other than the visceral joy that scaring and angering the Liberals gives me,ย  was that it, at its core, asked – in an admittedly piss-poor manner – a very valid and uniquely American question – at what point is violence against the US government or individuals within it acceptable?

If you don’t believe that is a valid question then you’ve either forgotten or never learned the history of America, how it was founded, or the expectations and intent of our founding fathers.

There may well come a time when Americans have to use violence to depose our government or people within it. If we can’t even ask the question, we’re doomed to tyranny.

NOTE: For you Liberals who are terrified of anyone who would ask such questions and wish to do something about it, my local US Secret Service Field Office can be contacted at (718) 840-1000. Feel free to report me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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11 Responses to “Assassinating Obama”

  1. J.D.F. Says:

    Well, I am a self identified liberal minded woman – who ::hold your breath in shock:: actually agrees with you. I do not think this incites violence in and of itself. It does make me wonder about motive, but that is really indeterminate at this time. I think the poll was crass and in poor taste, showed a lack of maturity (which unfortunately pervades much of our society – in my opinion), and was definitely in poor judgment. However, you are correct in the reminder of our history. The Declaration of Independence is a testament to the idea of defending freedom from tyranny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. jonolan Says:


    ๐Ÿ˜† There are the liberally minded and then there are the Liberals. The latter is a pernicious subset of the former. Hellfire, I’m normally considered far to the Right of the GOP hardliners and I’m fairly “liberally minded” on many social issues – but believe me, nobody would ever accuse me of being a Liberal.

    But yes, as I wrote in the post, the poll was crass and stupid. Anyone of my generation who passed civics could have written a better one drunk off their ass at 3:00 AM. In point of fact, I’m considering doing so so people can have a comparison.

  3. Personal Failure Says:

    The death threats to Obama are not a liberal meme. He receives over 400 death threats a week, considerably more than Bush did.

    Asking if anyone needs to be killed is disgusting, asking if the President of the United States should be killed defies description.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Personal Failure,

    If you don’t want to look like a total idiot, try to get your facts straight at least occasionally. According to the Secret Service, they deal with approximately 210 potential threats to President Obama every week, not 400. That is still a 400% increase over what they dealt with when Bush Jr. was POTUS, but we don’t know the nature or credibility of those threats. It could easily be just overzealous or malicious Obama followers like yourself reporting anyone and everyone he speaks out against Obama in anger.

    Frankly, I’m one of those 30 for this week. When I commented on an Obama cultist’s blog that the original poll was a valid question, if one that was poorly done, they reported me to the Secret Service. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Have nice day, Faith. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Nancy Says:

    ummmmm, you’re gonna get in trouuuublllllllle….

    Nice to see you haven’t tempered your writing, jonolan. Hope all is well. Keep rockin’ the boat, my friend!

  6. jonolan Says:

    Oh I’ve tempered it, Nancy, but my writing has been tempered like a blade is tempered. It’s gotten harder and keeps a better edge these days because it has to do so.

    Welcome back!

  7. steve Says:

    So, the Secret Service got their ‘panties in a wad’ over that question…hmmm…
    I fail to see the actual threat but heck, maybe I’m not looking close enough.
    Oh, I voted ‘no’ to your poll…

  8. jonolan Says:

    From what I gather, the Secret Service didn’t particularly get upset over it, but the Liberals who reported it sure as Hell did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    They did, of course, ask Facebook to disable the poll and they’re investigating the situation as the must, but their commentary shows that they rightly aren’t too concerned. They also said that any form of prosecution was highly unlikely.

  9. Josh Brandt Says:

    Well that’s one group of people that surround Obama that I can judge him positively on. Any more? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

  10. Wiegert Says:

    Ever hear the not-so-old warning “Democracy ends in dictatorship”? Our country was created as a form of a democracy by these founding fathers you mention above. Ever wonder why they did that? Maybe these founders had heard that statement before? We as a democracy are doomed to fall victim to tyrants in our government no matter how many questions we ask or polls we create to attempt to show some command over what our government does. Our only power as people of this country is to decide which potantial congressmen, senetors, or presidants will eventualy have enough power to change our government to a form where we lose that single precious choice.

    You told some people to study American history, but our history can tell us little of our future. The history of the Romans and Greeks will however give us some insight on the future of this country. When do we reach the point where we don’t just enter Nam or Korea to protect but to dominate and takeover these places. We will lose power as people and someone will gain it. If not the PotUS, who has infact been gaining power in the past few years, them maybe the senate as a whole.

    This is the downfall of people who trust the government to pull them out of crisis like a financial meltdown and belive the members of their system of leadership are more than human or impervious to greed or lust for power. If protecting your elected leaders gives you hope in electing better leaders you are fooling yourself. The final moments of America as we know it will not be brought to pass by Liberals or Conservatives, but by those who allow their leaders to go unchecked.

    I voted no and am an independent.

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