Admitting Immorality

Moral Law“You can’t legislate morality” is one of the common refrains from Liberals and Progressives whenever they are faced with actual or proposed laws that would govern and place limits upon people’s behavior. Any time that Americans try to enforce and/or reinforce normative societal values the Leftists start screaming and raving about the separation of Church and State and that America’s de facto Christian ethos must not be enforced.

This demand of the Liberals and Progressives is beyond ridiculous and is patently false. Not only can you legislate morality but you must if you’re to have even a vestige of a hope for a functioning, civilized society. This means that whenever the Liberals and Progressives rant about legislating morality they’re actually admitting their own immorality since they cannot abide by these moral strictures.

Moral Law

Frankly, the vast majority of civil laws, and all the truly important ones, in America are based largely or solely on moral law and, as well, upon Jude-Christian religious law.

  • Slavery – The prohibition against chattel slavery is solely based upon morality.  It has no component that isn’t a legislation of morality.
  • Murder – The prohibition against killing another person is largely, though not wholly, based upon morality. It is also a core tenet of Christianity.
  • Rape – Treating rape as a crime largely, though not wholly, based upon morality. Treating it as as serious of a crime as we do is solely based upon morality.
  • Civil Rights Laws – The whole of civil rights legislation is almost entirely composed of the legislation of morality and has little or no basis for existence beyond that of what is Right and Wrong.

The list could go on, and on, and on ad infinitum et nauseam, with each consecutive point further illuminating rank stupidity of ever claiming that one can’t and shouldn’t legislate morality.

Consensus Morality

One of the arguments that the Leftist apologists will use when faced with incontrovertible fact that the majority of laws are either wholly moral law or, at the very least, carry an implicit moral component is that America must only legislate morality within the context of an irreligious consensus morality. By that, of course, they mean that only those moral laws that can be agreed to by non-Christians can ever be considered valid and that anything that coincides with- or abides by the Judeo-Christian morality is inherently suspect and must be subject to strict scrutiny.

Leaving aside the anti-Theist in general and anti-Christian in specific bigotry and bias in this viewpoint, it’s also factually as ridiculous and patently false as their base claim that you can’t legislate morality. There is, by and large, no consensus morality, especially if one includes the views of non-Theists.

  • Slavery – This is as close as we come to a true consensus morality enacted into law. Still there are a significant, and I’ll hazard growing, number of people who do not find explicit chattel slavery to be morally repugnant. There’s an even larger number that have no problems whatsoever with “softer” and more implicit forms of slavery as the dependence upon illegal immigrant labor clearly shows.
  • Murder – There’s no moral consensus whatsoever on what even constitutes murder as opposed to a justified killing or it being a killing that isn’t quite wrong enough to be called murder.
  • Rape – In no way, shape, or form is there consensus morality concerning rape as a crime.  We can’t even decide what the borderline is between consensual and non-consensual sex. Nor can we reach consensus on who can rape and who can be raped. Lastly, we’re nowhere near reaching a consensus upon grievousness of the crime.
  • Civil Rights Laws – There’s little or no consensus on the plethora of civil rights laws in the US and what consensus there was is rapidly falling apart as more and more Americans find the various laws to be both out-dated and morally repugnant.

The above are just a very small sample set of the significant laws in America that Liberals and Progressives falsely or wrongly claim that are supported by- and serve an objective, non-religious moral consensus.

Their Morality, Not Ours

Of course these same Liberals and Progressives have no qualms about legislating their own brand of morality. That’s all that there various calls for “fairness” and equality of personal results are after all – calls to legislate their morality.

This is why these Liberals and Progressives are immoral instead of amoral. They have a moral compass; it just points towards a completely different “North” than that of normative Americans.

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