A Needed Curettement

Aljazeera - Filthy Muslim Propaganda Outlet for the Vermin of Jihadi-Ridden Muslim WorldAl-Jazeera, who first rose to infamy as the media mouthpieces for Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, are now one of the largest, if not the largest, media networks in the Muslim World.

Their apparent raison d’être is to promote Islamist political theory – in other words, Muslim Terrorism – and attack the Civilized World by ginning up anti-Western sentiments. Being Arabs, they intersperse this with the occasional anti-Persian and generalized anti-non-Arab screeds, irrespective of whether or not their victims are fellow Muslims.

There’s little or nothing that we of the Civilized World can do about this. In it’s original, Arabic form Al-Jazeera is completely foreign and almost solely works within the Muslim World, catering to the desires and “sensibilities” of the Arabic and Arabized Muslim World.

But they’ve also established an English language propaganda outlet, Al-Jazeera English, that seeks to both report within America and to be aired on American television. This is something that we, the People of America can and must do something about.

The peoples of the Civilized World, most especially America, must perform a very necessary currettement or curettage upon these dhimmi traitors and terrorist sympathizers. They must, as all diseased tissue and malignant foreign growths must be, scraped from the body of our nation. To continue the surgical metaphor, we must first keep the theater sterile then remove the malignant growths.

Keeping a Sterile Theater

We must not allow their propaganda outlet to be aired upon American cable and satellite networks. To allow it would open the doors for them to get American advertisers which would be de facto lending material aid and comfort to the enemies of America and the Civilized World.

We must make it clear to these providers that we will not tolerate their spreading this infection within our borders. Likely we’ll have to this very clear and be willing to back it up because because dhimmi Muslim-appeasers such as the Arab, Juliette N. Kayyem, have infiltrated the Obama Regime and would like nothing better than for the FCC to coerce or outright force the cable and satellite providers to offer Al-Jazeera English – for the sake of appeasing the Muslims of course.

Scraping Away The Malignancy

Al-Jazeera English regularly sends teams of operatives within America in order to gain source material for the propaganda. These quislings and their Muslim handlers must not be allowed to continue this abominable practice. They must be stopped by any all means at our disposal.

  • Do not provide them with shelter, food, transport, or aid of any manner or  sort;
  • If they, through others’ ignorance or complicity, still show up where you are at, do not allow them access or speak with them, nor allow others to do so;
  • If they refuse to leave or continue to try to setup their equipment at some small distance, destroy their equipment and drive them away by whatever level of force is required;
  • If all of the above fails to drive off these abhorrent filth, then you must decide which is more important to you, your freedom and comfort or the health of your nation and future of you sons and especially your daughters.

We must each do as we can and as is needful to protect our nation. This is not a war that can be – or would be under the current regime even if it could – by our brave men and women of the US Armed Services. Each and every American must do his and her part, including the spending of our blood and treasure, to never allow that which is an abomination to us to operate freely within America or profit off it it to our detriment.

Indeed, this is more than a war; it is a matter of public health, disease control, and the sanctity of the body of America.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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3 Responses to “A Needed Curettement”

  1. Rape's Not Newsworthy | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] A Needed Curettement […]

  2. Fritz Says:

    Al Jazeera English on the web is one of the sites I look at almost every day at this point. American TV news is basically useless in disseminating actual information, especially for the Middle East. Whether you like them or hate them, al Jazeera was just about the only game in town for getting information about the revolution in Cairo. It was their “CNN during the first Gulf War” moment.

    TV news is, well, dying. Keeping al Jazeera off of American broadcast TV is stunningly pointless. Does anyone actually watch TV news anymore?

  3. jonolan Says:

    They’re hardly a valid source of information about the Muslim World or anywhere else. They’re little more than Pro-Arab / Pro-Muslim propaganda – not that this makes them intrinsically worse journalistically-speaking than other media outlets.

    It does, however, mean that they’re anti-American and that they support our enemies.

    We should not lend material aid and comfort to the Islamists by allowing them access to US advertisers.

    If people want to watch them online, that’s different. All I care about is not letting them have access to American funding and any story taking place in America.

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