Rape’s Not Newsworthy

Lara LoganI’m fairly sure that most people in the Civilized World have heard that CBS reporter Lara Logan was brutally beaten and gang raped by 200 or so of the insurrectionists in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday February 11, 2011.

That’s in the Civilized World. The Muslim World knows little, if anything, about it because they don’t consider such events to be newsworthy.

If one goes to the Liberals’ new darling “news outlet,” Al-Jazeera English and search for any mention of “Lara Logan“, the non-results are stark proof that her vicious attack was not considered something that should be reported upon even to their growing Western audience.  Completely unsurprisingly, their original, Arabic site also has no mention of Lara Logan.

In point of fact, if one searches for “rape” on Al-Jazeera English’s website, one will find many articles about the crime but none of them involve rape committed by Arabs. Their their original, Arabic site seems to be similar, though it includes articles about rapes of female political prisoners within Iran which are tellingly not found on Al-Jazeera English.

The attack upon and brutalization, defilement, and pollution of an attractive, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Western, female reporter by a reeking mob of slavering Muslim apes isn’t news within the Muslim World unless it’s such that they can gloat and crow about it.

Additionally, since the gang rape couldn’t be pinned on Mubarek’s agents or supporters, it didn’t fit the “message” that Al Jazeera’s anti-American propaganda machine, Al-Jazeera English seeks to poison the Civilized World with, they were never going to comment upon it.

So we in the Civilized World should not be shocked by Al-Jazeera’s refusal to cover Lara Logan’s beating and gang rape. Her’s was reportedly not the only sexual assault upon a Western woman by Egyptian males in Tahrir Square that day and such gang rapes, nor are such attacks unusual during larger, emotional gatherings of Muslims in Egypt.

Rape, pedophilia, and disgustingly barbaric levels of abuse of women and girls are all part and parcel of Islam and the Muslim World, hence they’re no more newsworthy there than going to the local market is within the Civilized World so there’s no rational or sane reason to expect any media outlet that caters to Muslims to report upon it.

This holds true for the original, Arabic version of Al-Jazeera which caters to an Arab Muslim audience. Al-Jazeera English is another story and they should be dealt with differently.

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4 Responses to “Rape’s Not Newsworthy”

  1. D'Ellis R. McCammon Says:

    Just thought I’d say Hello back. As to the lady reporter being GANG raped… It WAS a SEVERE GANG GROPE, then a beating. It’s good that you spell well, now read and listen before spewing tainted “FACTS… here or onto OTHER’S articles.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Ah, it wasn’t “rape-rape.”

    Yeah, I’ve heard that line a lot from various shills and apologists for a variety of people and/or causes. Of course, I’ve heard the Feminists describe an awful lot of poor choices and foolishness on the part of women as rape as well…

    But let’s entertain the possibility that you’re right in both attitude and facts – how does that impact the fact it was a horrific example of the normative behavior of Arab and Arabized populations and/ or the fact that Al-Jazeera remained silent upon it?

  3. D'Ellis R. McCammon Says:

    Just for the sake of real research.

  4. jonolan Says:

    And what passes for your point is what exactly?

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