Man’s Best Friend

Aptly called man’s best friend, the dog has been an invaluable helpmate to Man for thousands of years. Whether they are hunting dogs, working dogs, or companion animals, they’ve been a boon to us.

Dog Spotter - Man's Best Friend
Range Me. Good Dog, Very Good Dog 😀

It’s actually amazing just how much and what sorts of help dogs can provide their two-footed friends. We’ve worked with shepherds, pointers, retrievers, and setters…and now we have the spotter. 😆

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2 Responses to “Man’s Best Friend”

  1. ichabod Says:

    My Friend;

    I just stopped by to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year. I always enjoy our conversations.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Thanks! I hope you and yours have the same. I was going to drop by your blog later but you beat me to it.

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