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Hilter Recognized Jerusalem!More On Jerusalem

While the Muslims’ reaction, or lack thereof, to President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to the capital, Jerusalem was completely expected by all and sundry, the reaction to it by Obama and others of the boy’s ilk is, if not odd in tenor, nonsensical in detail.

Then again, Obama is a Black and Blacks are socialized to be Anti-Semites. Also, so many Liberals and Progressives are similarly Anti-Semite and just love to compare Israel to Hitler’s Germany and/or Botha’s South Africa. Maybe this is less nonsensical than merely another shibboleth of our domestic enemies.

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6 Responses to “More On Jerusalem”

  1. Felipe Zapata Says:

    Barry Obama is not “black.” He is biracial, no more black than white. An out-of-style but quite accurate term, is mulatto. That all the world, except me and two or three others, refer to him as black is a matter of mindset and culture. It is fashionable to be black these days (affirmative action, victim status) so if you have even a drop of “black blood” you get to be black and reap the rewards. A century ago, even a drop of “black blood” also got you deposited in the black category but instead of being a plus, it was a definite minus.

    Funny, huh?

  2. jonolan Says:

    No, Obama is a Black. He adopted that label and culture. His actual genetics mean very little in that equation, especially when “full blooded” who don’t behave “correctly” are labeled by other Blacks as being “Too White” or “Not Black Enough,” e.g., Stacey Dash.

  3. Felipe Zapata Says:

    If adopting the label and culture make it so, then Rachel Dolezal is black too, even though she’s clearly not. And maybe Liz Warren is an Apache.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I could just about give you Dolezal. Fauxcahontas though, was just a female of limited ability that pretended to be a protected class in order to get a job she otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. She adopted none of the culture of the Cherokee peoples.

  5. Felipe Zapata Says:

    You’ll have to give me Dolezal completely. She fits your critieria for being black, a bona fide daughter of Deepest Africa. But, of course, she is not, as the NAACP will now tell you, if you ask. And I said “maybe” Warren is an Apache, a qualifier. She said she is one, but she does not live the life, so she’s just a maybe.

    I prefer to call her an Apache. Makes her sound more bad-ass.

  6. jonolan Says:

    ROFLMAO One, I prefer to keep the tribes correct. Two, one of my wives actually is part Apache and don’t want to set her off!

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