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Obama’s ’14 SOTU Speech

Posted in Humor, Politics on January 27th, 2014

Are you ready for Obama’s 2014 SOTU speech?  It coming Tuesday night whether nor any of us see any point in yet another Obama pageant.

Obama - Liar-in-Chief
Summing Up Obama’s ’14 SOTU Speech

I can’t really the see the point in granting Obama the hand-out of listen to him jabber more of the same lies, aspersions, and recriminations as the boy has spewed since taking office but it will have a certain pageantry and be somewhat enjoyable, much like a cross between an old time snake oil salesman, a minstrel show, and particularly passionate revival meeting.

That Murky Pond Look

Posted in Humor, Society, Technology on January 27th, 2014

I’m quite fond of the avatar that I’ve been using for nigh on a decade because it’s different and striking.

Love That Murky Pond Look
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I’ve got to say though that she rocks the Murky Pond look a lot better than I do or ever will. Kind of makes me wish the look would catch on…

Turning Up The Heat

Posted in Music, Society on January 26th, 2014

Yep. It’s still cold as Hel’s realm out there, so sweaters are still the uniform of the day. Fortunately, that’s not really a bad thing at all.

Maria Brink turns up the heat in that sweater
Maria Brink’s Turning Up The Heat

New York based rocker babe, Maria Brink of In This Moment, is certainly displaying one of the better ways to turn up the heat with a sweater. 😉

Of course, this fine, blonde heavy metal singer also warms things up quite well and nicely in a shawl.

Maria Brink in a shawl

Stay warm, everyone! Remember that Winter is to be lived, not just endured and it’s the best time of year for indoor recreation. 😉

Obama’s Income Gap

Posted in Politics on January 25th, 2014

Obama InsecureIn his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Obama is fully expected to make income inequality, as an example of the evils of the wealthy, the centerpiece of his address. He’s expected to expound upon the income gap and how he’s going to fix it.

The thing is, going by statistics provided by the US Census Bureau, the boy’s first, best option to closing the income gap would be to leave office or, failing that, to shut up and get back on the golf course where he can cause less harm.

Since under Obama’s “guidance” and his and his Liberals’ policies America’s income gap has risen faster than it did under either of the last two POTUS’s and has reached its highest level since the Census started recording it back in 1947, maybe it’s time for the master of the shuck and jive to tap dance his way off the public stage.

Obama's Income Gap - The Worst Ever
Income Gap Soars Under Obama

What’s really going to suck for Obama is that he can’t really blame President Bush. The income cap was flat during his tenure in the White House, not that this will stop Obama from blaming him and anyone else that he fears, loathes, or hates that he can.

Stopping The leaks

Posted in Humor, Politics on January 25th, 2014

I’m very much not a Fan of Edward Snowden and hope, probably in vain, that he’s assassinated by government but there’s an ironic truth to this.

Snowden v. Obama
If We Want To Keep Our Nation’s Secrets a Secret…

It does seem that they only thing the Obama Regime can keep a secret is anything to do with Obama’s past.