A Fit Comparison

The Liberals are often wont to compare Timothy McVeigh’s terrorist attack with the Muslim Terrorist attacks of 9/11. These Liberals always willfully ignore the fact that McVeigh’s Oklahoma City Bombing was purely politically motivated and the simple fact that McVeigh was a self-avowed Agnostic.

The same thing cannot be truthfully said for the jihadis of 9/11 who committed their heinous atrocities in the name of Islam.

Yet, in a strange twist of fate or an example of Divine Provenance, there is a fit comparison between Timothy McVeigh and the Muslim Terrorists and their various overt and/or tacit supporters. It is however a comparison that doesn’t manifest itself until long after the respective acts of terror.

In excerpts of letters published Sunday in his hometown newspaper, The Buffalo News, in New York state, McVeigh defended the bombing as a “legit tactic,” an act of war against what he considers an overbearing federal government.

McVeigh also revealed that at one time he considered having his ashes scattered at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, but eventually decided against it.

“That would be too vengeful, too raw, cold. It’s not in me,” he said in a letter.

Chambers said that the final destination of McVeigh’s remains would remain privileged forever.

Timothy McVeigh Dead
CNN, June 11, 2001

Timothy McVeigh, the single worst, most destructive, and unrepentant domestic terrorist that America has ever had the misfortune of producing didn’t have it in him to add insult to grievous injury by asking for his ashes to be scattered over the remains of the site of his terror attack.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf the smiling face of jihadSadly, but not too shockingly, the same sense of place and restraint does not seem to present in the heart and mind of Cordoba House / Park 51’s Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf. He does seem to “have it in him” to outrage, insult, and offend the vast majority of Americans by building a Islamic Center / Mosque a few hundred yards away from Ground Zero where thousands of Americans died at the hands of Muslim Terrorists.

And remember always that Imam Feisal is touted as a Moderate Muslim and America’s friend…

Yes, this at least seems a true and fit comparison between the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 9/11 Terror Attacks. It also points out what may be the single largest differentiator between America and the Muslim World; the very worst that America can produce is still more humane – more human – than what is considered one of the best of Islam.

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