Be A Victim Or A Racist

Sketchfactor LogoAllison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, two young, White entrepreneurs, co-founded  SketchFactor, which is an iTunes app for locating and avoiding “sketchy” or dangerous areas.

It uses a combination of publicly available data, e.g., crime statistics, and crowd sourcing to tag or flag areas according to various metrics for “sketchiness.”

SketchFactor, like all previous apps for location-based public safety was instantly decried as racist by both Liberals and Progressives and their minority tenants.

Essentially, according to Liberals and Progressives, if you try to actively try to avoid “sketchy” areas of a city – the first and most important step in any self-defense regimen – and you’re White, you’re a racist. Be a potential victim or be a racist; those are the only two choices allowed to you by America’s domestic enemies.

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