McCain: Kept Man?

The Obama Campaign just came out with an attack ad vs. Sen. John McCain. In the attack ad they imply that any man who doesn’t know how many homes he owns is far too rich to be President of the US. OK, there’s one significant flaw in that logic – McCain himself isn’t that wealthy.

Below are shown Sen. McCain’s 2006 & 2007 annual income. They are the figures for his total income, not just his taxable income.

  • John McCain’s 2006 Total Income was $358,414
  • John McCain’s 2006 Total Income was $405,409

Most of the real wealth in the McCain household belongs to his wife Cindy Lou Hensley McCain, Chairperson of Hensley & Co. one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the United States. Her personal wealth is estimated at approximately $100 million.

Essentially McCain is a Kept Man. That does explain his admitted lack of knowledge on economic matters ๐Ÿ˜‰

Perhaps Obama should stop trying to use wealth as an insult and focus more on the fact that McCain’s lifestyle is largely provided by his wife, who keeps the bulk of her finances separate from her husband. The fact that Sen. McCain doesn’t see – much less control – the purse strings in his family both explains his lack of knowledge about the properties he and his wife own and would be a more interesting attack ad.

BTW: Just what does John McCain have? I mean look at him. How did he manage to get the gig of Kept Man anyhow? LOL

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5 Responses to “McCain: Kept Man?”

  1. Dr. Ethiopia Says:

    I have always een fascinated by the fact that politicians would dupe their people every 4 years, and what they do next time around is a bigger lie.

    I just can’t help it but wonder how the people get duped so easily? In my view, Obama will win becaus ehe is popular and likable just like when Clinton cameinto American’s living room for the first itme. But what do i know?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Politics is theater – the theater of bread and circus. That was posited by Rome and never disproven in the centuries since.

  3. Christy Says:

    Enjoyed your humor throughout this post.

    Am curious, however, why [t]he fact that Sen. McCain doesnโ€™t see – much less control – the purse strings in his family both explains his lack of knowledge about the properties he and his wife own and would be a more interesting attack ad.
    Interesting? Perhaps. Valid? Hardly, unless you’re operating under the assumption that a husband should not only know but also control the purse strings in his family. Not suggesting you’re saying that, but your commentary did raise the question in my mind what your underlying assumption is. A husband who seemingly may not know or control all of the collected purse strings in his family should be called into question as being a potential good leader?

    Would love some clarification. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps I misunderstood your intended meaning.

  4. jonolan Says:


    While I personally don’t think that a husband must control his family’s finances, that is a common belief in America and as such McCain’s not doing so is a “valid” political tactic, whereas Obama’s assertion that McCain is just too wealthy to be POTUS is not a valid attack. It may point out an underlying flaw in our national character, but characterizing McCain as a “kept man” still a reasonable political attack vector.

    There is also the related and less potentially offensive fact that, since McCain’s wealth – or the bulk of it – comes from sources he doesn’t control or monitor, he may have a less visceral understanding of the effects of money and debt on the average American. Attacking his wealth is stupid; attacking the fact that McCain has his wife’s money at least somewhat at his beck and call is less so.

  5. Not Just A Trophy Wife | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] LOL – That’s right! Cindy McCain is not just some trophy wife; she’s also a wealthy heiress and Sugar Mamma. I guess that makes Sen. John McCain her Kept Man. […]

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