A Very Nappy Protest


A Very Nappy Protest In Seattle

With a grateful H/T to Patriationary, I present you the real racial issue, the real #FirstWorldProblems of the Blacks inside America’s borders – Black Women’s Hair!!!!! ROFLMAO I guess the next riots will be by raving and ranting #BlackHairMatters myrmidons.

So let me preemptively rebut with #AllHairMatters! πŸ˜›

Never let the ever-angry, grievance-mongering, race-baiting, blacktivists fool you. They’re “suffering” from their own, idiosyncratic #FirstWorldProblems more than anything else. That is the only explanation for this sort of idiotic protest in the midst of Seattle’s race riots.

Oh yeah. A city burns and these ratchet fools are ranting about people – presumably White people – touching Black women’s hair. Rarely has a more self-indulgent, totally self-centered and blind to the world “protest” been engaged in by anyone.

Sadly, there’s no point in trying to correct them. The nonconsensual touching of Black women’s hair by White people is a shibboleth of the Blacktivists. It doesn’t matter that it has no factual basis in modern time – I do believe that it did have a basis 50 years ago, during the de-segregation period. It’s part of their culture and identity.

But hey! So far, they’re not burning, looting, or murdering Whites; so we should just roll our eyes and go about the business of being productive citizens of our nation. They are, after all, not harming anything but our sensibilities.

Again though, #AllHairMatters! And yes, I’m talking to you, Joe!

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Hate Crime In Seattle

Race Card If five Whites stole something from a pregnant Black girl and then brutally assaulted her when she tried to recover her property it would be headline news, condemned as a Hate Crime, and we’d have animals like Al Sharpton jabbering all over everything and trying its best to stage more riots.

When the races are reversed, however, and its five nappy and nasty Negresses viciously and brutally attacking a pregnant White girl the incident is barely mentioned and the races of the thugs and victim are not mentioned at all.

Such is sadly yet unsurprisingly the case in the recent Black-on-White assault in Seattle, WA.

Black-On-White Hate Crime, But Who Cares?

And, if you for a moment think that Obama’s boy, Attorney General Eric Holder will have the Department of Justice apply federal hate crimes statutes to these ghetto bitches, you’re delusional.

The New Black Panthers – Eric Holder’s Homies

The American people need to wake up and fully realize that they will get no support from the Mainstream Media and little or no protection from the government or law enforcement. In point of sad and treasonous fact, both the MSM and the government will actively seek to prevent law enforcement from providing that protection.

If you want to maintain a reasonable level of safety for yourself and your loved ones, you’re going to have to be willing to provide it yourself by whatever means you can manage and that your conscience calls for – and always remember that it is far better to be proactive rather than reactive, especially in a threat situation.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. πŸ˜‰

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