US DOJ: Black Power

US Attorney General Eric HolderDuring the 2008 Presidential Election armed and unformed operatives of the hate group, The New Black Panther Party,deployed themselves outside of at least polling place in order to intimidate White voters. This was a clear case of overt and thuggish voter intimidation and directly violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act by scaring would-be voters with the weapon, racial epithets and military-style uniforms.

The thugs were escorted away by the police and later a civil suit was brought against them.

Of course, the quasi-terrorist thugs involved – New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson – refused to appear in court to answer the accusations over a near-five month period, court records said.  Therefor the court rendered a default judgment against the vermin on April 20.

Sadly for actual Americans, political appointees by President Obama, our First Black President, who report to Attorney General Eric Holder, our First Black US Attorney General, ordered the career Justice Dept. lawyers to reverse their decision and drop the already won case without sanctions against the Black Power extremists.

A Justice Department spokesman on Thursday confirmed that the agency had dropped the case, dismissing two of the men from the lawsuit with no penalty and winning an order against the third man that simply prohibits him from bringing a weapon to a polling place in future elections.

Jerry Seper
May 29, 2009 – The Washington Times

Apparently, under President Obama and A.G. Holder, the “change we can expect” is a complete change in the meaning of “under Color of Law” – at least when it comes to who is allowed to vote in safety.

If I were type to expect politicians and such to keep their word and hold to their oaths, I’d be very disappointed by this obviously racist ruling by Obama and Holder’s Justice Department.

These career professionals are not only the backbone of DOJ, they are its soul. If I am confirmed as attorney general, I will listen to them, respect them and make them proud of the vital goals we will pursue together.

In fact, if I have the honor of becoming attorney general, I will pursue a very specific set of goals:

First, I will work to strengthen the activities of the federal government that protect the American people from terrorism. Nothing I will do is more important.

I will use every available tactic to defeat our adversaries, and I will do so within the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Adherence to the rule of law strengthens security by depriving terrorist organizations of their prime recruiting tools. America must be a beacon to the world. We will lead by strength, we will lead by wisdom and we will lead by example.

Second, I will work to restore the credibility of a department badly shaken by allegations of improper political interference. Law enforcement decisions and personnel actions must be untainted by partisanship. Under my stewardship, the Department of Justice will serve justice, not the fleeting interests of any political party.

— Eric Holder
January 15, 2009 – Confirmation Hearing

Except that Holder will apparently allow career professionals to be summarily overruled when it involves Blacks committing voter intimidation. Except that Holder will not allow even civil action to be taken against Black terrorists like the New Black Panther Party. Except that Holder will do what he can to serve the partisan interests of the Democratic Party and it’s thuggish operatives.

It seems possible, in the light of this abomination, that the US Department of Justice, under A.G. Holder, is being subordinated to the racist cause of Black Power.  That is somewhat surprising, but only in the overtness of their actions.

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11 Responses to “US DOJ: Black Power”

  1. zhann Says:

    Another common practice in government … helping your friends get ahead, and helping your friends get away with crime. I am very curious to see how the African Americans will prosper under Obama. It is obvious that they will see various benefits, like this for example, but will Obama’s administration improve the quality of life for the average African American?


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  3. jonolan Says:

    True, zhann; it’s a common practice, but this occurrence of it is a lot more overt than most and more obviously racially charged and motivated. Most administrations wouldn’t be that blunt about clearing a hate group of voter intimidation charges.

    Also, zhann, I don’t seem to possess your level of detachment when it comes to things like this. I feel a greater need to call attention to them than you do. It’s a mostly pointless exercise but one I’m somehow forced to continue engaging in.

  4. zhann Says:

    You know, I tend to be more upset at the corruption in the upper echelons of government. While helping your friends, even friends like the Panthers, may be wrong, it is just so common. Look at how the Presidential cabinet is formed. While many are selected for their abilities, you must admit that a great number are selected as favors … be it financially motivated or whatever. This is just a fact of government.

    However, what drives me crazy is when government lines their pockets using the people’s money. Recent example, Barack Obama and the auto industry. While I obviously have no proof that he lined his pockets and the pockets of his friends, in these dealings, it is a no brainer. This entire Financial Bailout made Billionaire’s even richer. This is upsetting, partially because it is wrong but also because I didn’t get a cut 😉

    As for the Panthers, this is to be expected … Obama will protect his own. The panthers are a voting organization which will definitely support him in the next election cycle … and will unfortunately use similar tactics.

    Also … I have a bad habbit of playing Devil’s Advocate. Regardless of subject, I always try to go against the grain. This is usually futile, but it is just one of those habbits that is hard to break.

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