Jihadi Juice

Sometimes it truly amazes me that the Muslim terrorists and jihadis can continue to sow so much fear across the globe. It’s not as if the ragheads are well known for their intelligence…

I mean really! The Russians’ RPG-7 is probably the single most effective, durable, and easy to use and maintain rocket-propelled grenade launcher in the world. Young children have even used it effectively. Yet, somehow the Muslims can’t seem to get the hang of it.

When You’re Too Stupid To Use a RPG-7…

They’re not so good with mortars either. 😛 ROFLMAO – I guess, “Allahu Akbar!” is Jihadi for, “Hey y’all, watch this!” The results certainly seem to be similar and similarly evolutionarily self-correcting.

But, as much as my Schadenfreude is peaked by the bint’s moaning and wailing in the background, what is with these jihadi vermin and home movies of them trying to attack people?

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