Obama ACTAs Out

Let me get this straight; Obama got up on his bully pulpit and decried Congress’ efforts to defend American intellectual property from foreign pirates and thieves via SOPA and PIPA but quietly entered into an unconstitutional and illegal “executive agreement” with foreign powers to do the same thing through the much less finely targeted ACTA treaty?

So what, pray tell, was Obama’s problem with SOPA and PIPA bills that the House and Senate were considering?

Was he worried that Congress passing a law on the matter would provide empirical proof that he had once again illegally and unconstitutionally overstepped his law authority as POTUS by unilaterally undermining America’s sovereignty?

Or was this just another case of “crocodile tears” and false angst on the Campaigner-in-Chief’s part since he could “safely” attack SOPA and PIPA to bolster his waning support from the Left?

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SOPA So What?

Screaming in ignorance about SOPAThere’s a lot of whinging, whining, ranting, and raving over SOPA and PIPA. My guess is that very, very few – perhaps as low as 1% – of the people engaging in these histrionics have bothered to read either bill.

That fundamental, self-imposed ignorance, of course,  never seems to stop these cretins from yammering about things about which they know nothing or next to nothing.

Most hilarious reaction is the SOPA Strike or Blackout protest going on today (January 18, 2012).  Well over 99% of the sites choosing to “go dark” are so inconsequential that their permanent loss would go utterly unnoticed by the internet public at large.

NOTE: This blog would also most definitely fall into that 99%, as would virtually all personal websites. I have some comforting illusions but this blog’s importance isn’t one of them.

On the slim chance that you, my dear reader, wish to be one of the 1% who isn’t bleating in ignorance born rage, links to the full text of both SOPA and PIPA can be found below:

Texts of SOPA & PIPA

  • Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) [H. R. 3261]
  • Protect IP Act (PIPA) [S. 968]

At least after reading the bills in question one can, if one still has an issue with one or both of them, have complaints and arguments based upon actual verifiable facts as opposed to the drivel certain agendists spoon feed their drones. And it’s not inconceivable that you would still take issue with SOPA and PIPA; like all laws, there’s room for argument over the details – especially over the various amendments and riders that are always added to bills in Congress.

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