The One Has Spoken

The Obama Messiah - A False prophet with delusions of worthObama, having finished with both his 50th birthday party / fundraising gala and it’s unavoidable physical consequences, decided once again to read from his teleprompter for the American people and his Liberals.  In it he tried to brush off Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the US government’s credit rating and to reassure everyone about the basic soundness of the American economy.

The One had spoken! S & P was wrong and everything was really fine. America’s government was entitled to a AAA rating; Warren Buffett even said so.

And the people listened. The Dow plunged a total of approximately 630 points and the NASDAQ lost 80 points by close of trading in the wake of Obama’s predictably arrogant and empty mouthings.

If the boy doesn’t have the honor to suicide or the decency to resign his office, he could, at a bare minimum, keep his jabbering mouth shut about any and all issues of substance.

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