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Jay Carney - filthy sack of shit and valid targetThe arrogance, pettiness, hypocrisy, mendacity, and gross stupidity of those sycophants and toadies that Barack Obama surrounds himself with is a source of constant amazement to thinking people across the globe and also a constant cause of outrage for the American people.

A perfect example of this, if of little else that would be normally considered of worth, is the boy’s second and current Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

Carney was questioned about Tuesday’s record high closing of the Dow as it directly contradicted Obama’s assertion that across-the-board spending cuts that are part of the Sequester would imperil the economy.

Carney replied, “I don’t comment on markets.”

Carney doesn’t comment on markets? More accurately and truthfully, Obama’s mouthpiece doesn’t comment on markets except to lambast, insult, and blame Republicans for the woes created by Obama, the Democrats, and those professional Republican politicians who are more concerned about keeping their jobs than doing them.

I would remind you of the damage caused to our economy by the approach that House Republicans took on this matter just in the summer of 2011. As a result of their flirtation with default, the stock market plummeted. The Dow fell 7 percent, or almost 900 points, in late July and early August of 2011. The United States was downgraded and the Dow fell another 10 percent, or 1100 points after the S&P downgraded the United States.

— White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
White House Press Briefing, January 7, 2013

Somehow I doubt that Carney, a professional spin doctor, forgot his statements of a mere 57 days before. His arrogance, mendacity, and gross stupidity are shown by his belief that we, the People had forgotten it and that we would remain silent upon the subject as his master’s livestock, the lamestream media would.

Yes, the arrogance, pettiness, hypocrisy, mendacity, and gross stupidity of those sycophants and toadies that Barack Obama chooses to surrounds himself with is amazing. Don’t judge him by that though, or you’ll be labeled a racist.

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The One Has Spoken

The Obama Messiah - A False prophet with delusions of worthObama, having finished with both his 50th birthday party / fundraising gala and it’s unavoidable physical consequences, decided once again to read from his teleprompter for the American people and his Liberals.  In it he tried to brush off Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the US government’s credit rating and to reassure everyone about the basic soundness of the American economy.

The One had spoken! S & P was wrong and everything was really fine. America’s government was entitled to a AAA rating; Warren Buffett even said so.

And the people listened. The Dow plunged a total of approximately 630 points and the NASDAQ lost 80 points by close of trading in the wake of Obama’s predictably arrogant and empty mouthings.

If the boy doesn’t have the honor to suicide or the decency to resign his office, he could, at a bare minimum, keep his jabbering mouth shut about any and all issues of substance.

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