Meet The Irvine 6

It’s fairly well known that the student legislative council of University of California, Irvine voted to ban the US Flag from their public spaces. In their manifesto cum legislation they cited their reasoning for it:

  • The US Flag signifies and encourages a love for America;
  • America should not be loved;
  • There are enough students at UC-Irvine who don’t love America to be noteworthy

It also fairly well known that the university’s student Executive Cabinet promptly vetoed the legislation. What isn’t known by most is just who those six rabidly anti-American legislative council are.

These are the 6 vermin who voted to ban the US Flag at UC Irvine. And surprise about their "heritages?"
Meet The Irvine 6

Well here they are: Matthew Guevara, Khaalidah Sidney, Naty Rico, John Salazar, Matthew Tsai, and Negar Fatahi. Read their names and look at their faces. Is any American with any reasonable amount of intelligence surprised by what they see?

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