The Dead Are #WalkingAway

Even The Dead Are #WalkingAway
Even The Dead Are #WalkingAway

Yeah, yeah :-|I captioned it with “Chicago” because… well, because Chicago has long been famous for its Dead Voting Bloc. Truthfully, especially in this election, it could be any Democrat-controlled, 3rd-World shithole festering and burning within our nation’s borders.

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The Dead Shall Rise

The dead shall rise and vote for the Dems
Always A Trusted Democrat Constituency

The 2014 Midterm Elections are upon and Americans be be sadly assured that the dead shall rise…and vote for Democrats. It’s up to the American people to stave off the apocalypse by offsetting the Democrats’ “Dead Vote” by either voting in such numbers as to overwhelm it and the plethora of other forms of voter fraud that our domestic enemies will engage in or by culling the herd of presumptive Democrat voters.

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