A Sigh Of Relief

Liberal Media Bias? You bet your sweet ass, comrad!The lamestream media can breath a sigh of relief. Herman Cain announced Saturday, November 3, 2011 that he was suspending his campaign as a result of thier actions.

Now they won’t have to deal with the damage that a Cain v. Obama 2012 election would wreak upon them and can return to their comfort zone of race-baiting and attacking the “Old White Guy” while staying staunchly silent upon the First Black President’s many failures, lies, and Chicago-style campaign tactics.

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Why The Cain-ing?

In the wake of the lamestream media’s concerted attack upon Herman Cain “Cain-ing” should become a tropism and “to be Cained” and “he got Cained” should definitely become part of America’s lexicon.


Function: verb

Date: 2011


  1. the act of using the publicizing of unsubstantiated allegations from less than credible complainants to erode perception of an individual’s character so as to weaken their position in matters not directly related to the allegations or complainants.

But the real question and the crux of issue at hand is why the lamestream MSM willfully chose to wage a war of character assassination against Herman Cain in the hopes of sandbagging his bid for the 2012 GOP presidental nomination?

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