Associated Press Assault

Obama bitching, growling, and jabberingThere’s been a lot of flak flying over the Obama Regime’s assault upon Associated Press (AP) and its secret seizure of the telephone records of AP and its reporters, including the reporters’ cellular phone records. AP, with understandable ire, describes this as a massive and unprecedented intrusion into its gathering of news.

Here’s the thing; it’s all bullshit!

Yes, given the boy’s track record, Obama’s use of his favorite “house negro,” Holder’s DoJ to assault AP and investigate their reporters’ sources is an easy target for Americans to verbally fire upon. It’s easy to see this behavior as another prima facie example of Obama’s desire for tyranny and his despite for America’s constitution. That doesn’t mean that this is the right way to approach this particular situation.

By all the accounts that we have, including AP’s own assessment of the Obama Regime’s rationale for the seizure of their telephone records, the DoJ is investigating who leaked sensitive intelligence data to the press. It is likely the result of a May 7, 2012 article that revealed the CIA thwarted a bomb plot planned to originate out of Yemen to avenge the death of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who was killed by US Navy SEALs one year earlier.

This is well within the purview of Executive and is a matter of national security. We have to trace the leaks and take whatever steps are needed to prevent a repeat offense. There is no intrinsic difference between the leak to Associated Press and the Leaks to Wikileaks and I sincerely doubt that there’s a single American who say that any investigation into- or reprisal against Wikileaks and/or its sources was wrong.

Obama and his cabal may well be engaging in this behavior for the wrong reason but their actions are consistent in this instance with the best interests of America. We should remember that surprising fact.

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