A Talent For Stupidity

Ukrayina Maye Talant


Women such as Alla Kushnir, Anastasia Sokolova, and Svetlana Tulasi are special and unusual in Ukraine, but only for their talents, not their beauty. Ukraine is a land well-known for beautiful women. Too well-known for them some quarters say, since Ukraine is one of the leaders in the fields of sexual tourism and international marriage brokering.

In the past, Ukraine has even, thanks to its women, brought beauty into the political process and protests. A fact that has titillated and confused the world in equal measures.

Now, however, the Ukrainian people have decided to develop a talent for stupidity – gross and self-destructive stupidity at that.  This is obvious since it can only be the rankest of stupidity to waste one’s time on a civil war when so very many beautiful, exotic, and erotic women abound in your country.  Choosing love or, at least, the carnal expression of it over internecine war should have been the no-brainer choice.

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