Retouching Venus

Venus – The Roman Goddess of love and beauty has been the subject of much art throughout history. So much and firmly was Venus associated with love, beauty and sexuality that, over time, “Venus” came to refer to any artistic depiction in post-classical art of a nude woman, even when there was no indication that the subject was the Goddess.

Of course, in this lesser, modern age, retouching Venus would be needed for Her to meet society’s standards of female beauty.

The Sanitized Venus – Safe For Modern Sensibilities

Yes, the works of the Great Masters would have to retouched and photoshopped before they would be acceptable as anything more than an admonition to young girls showing how “wrong,” “stupid,” and “unhealthy” are ancestors’ views of beauty were.

It’s so much better to focus on our more “enlightened” of health and beauty and showcase a more modern Venus.

The Modern Venus – Venere di Anoressia

And yes, in order to maintain her weight and beauty, that hibiscus flow is her food ration for the day, along with a little cocaine during the day and a bit of heroin in the evening.

Of course, this is the evil that one must expect these days. The devolution of standards of beauty has followed the normal, entropic course.

Is it Halloween? I See Skeletons Dipped In Wax

It’s just accelerated towards dissolution faster than before because society has really never had an intersection of political forces, the weight-loss industry, the fashion industry, drug dealers, and terrorists driving this sort of degeneration before.

This is a correctable situation though. It just takes society – and individuals within society – putting in the effort to change things and exercising a willingness to put a permanent end to those people, no matter who they are, who are fostering, enabling, and profiting from this entropic spiral.

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3 Responses to “Retouching Venus”

  1. zhann Says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, that modern Venus is incredibly hot. If she would only loose another 5 to 10 pounds she would be perfect. How dare you insinuate differently?

    On a more serious note, there is no question that this woman is disgusting. With that said, I find morbidly obese woman even more grotesque. If you take the extreme of any situation, it will always seem freakish in nature, but there is no question in my mind that a thin woman is far more beautiful than fat … but, that’s personal preference. Opinions are like assholes …

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Fat is coming back. Obese fat.

    Invest accordingly

  3. jonolan Says:


    I can understand your preferences. My issue is that the “extreme” of obesity, as defined by the fashion and weight loss industries and abetted by the Liberal politicians, starts at the average size in the Western World.

    In point of fact, “plus sizes” in America start at one size below that worn by normal women.


    Welcome aboard! While you’re being sarcastic since this is your current – and hilarious – schtick, there’s some truth to your claim.

    The reactionary nature of society would seem to indicate that the backlash against the pro-anorexia crowd would, for a while at least, hold up actual obesity as a positive thing.

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