Zohna’el Risen

Ahh… that ever so common – in many contexts of that word – symbol of the 21st Century, the Tramp Stamp is a wonder to behold, or something. Known by many names: Tramp Stamp, Bullseye Tattoo, Doggie Art, California License Plate, Arschgeweih (German for “Ass Antlers”), Bitch Tat, and Slut Tag – the lower back tattoo has almost come to symbolize the sluttishness of modern American society.

But what if we add a religious context?

[Click the image to enlarge it]

So now we have Zohna’el – the Whore of God – a new angel risen from the depths of depravity to preach the gospel of Love – or a reasonable and most likely very easy to achieve facsimile thereof. 😉

BTW: If she was wearing a thong, would this be the parable of Jonah and the Whale Tail? LOL

With a ruefully laughing H/T to Seriously McMillan and her Ghetto Hoochie Mama List (NSFW)

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15 Responses to “Zohna’el Risen”

  1. Moriah Says:


  2. jonolan Says:

    Yep. It’d be less than perfect for proselyting since the man couldn’t read it if they were in the “missionary” position. 😉

  3. Prudie Says:

    The choice of that particular scripture is interesting. It’s all about Love being the ultimate of the three eternals. Which begs the question: is that stamp a reminder for her or the guy behind her when in doggie position? 😀

  4. Moriah Says:

    @ Jonolan
    Because only those who proselytize choose to utilize that position, clearly. ;p

  5. jonolan Says:

    Interesting question, Prudie.

  6. Moriah Says:

    Why is the assumption that if one has a lower back tattoo, one is a tramp? I know many honorable gals who have gotten such tattoos, and actually, they usually incorporate some sort of Scripture into them. Obviously, it’s not for their reminder, though they will profess it is, but I’m quite certain they are not contortionists, nor spend a ton of time just looking at themselves in a mirror…perhaps they like the idea of being a “rebel” and it excites them to have such a tattoo. Whatever the reason, clearly this woman is not going to be spending tons of time reading that particular passage from her backside. The idea, though, that this woman would live up to the tramp stamp image undoes the whole thrust/purpose of the passage, for it’s talking about love and would thus be extremely ironic as I would argue there cannot be much love involved if you’re sleeping with a new person on a regular basis. However, if she was a virtuous woman, it’s just an interesting choice of artwork…and I’m not sure her husband would want to be subjected to that every time they made love in a way he could see it – it could either take from the moment or make him become desensitized to it. I dunno. So bizarre. Are you sure this isn’t photoshopped?

  7. jonolan Says:

    “Why is the assumption that if one has a lower back tattoo, one is a tramp? I know many honorable gals who have gotten such tattoos, and actually, they usually incorporate some sort of Scripture into them.”

    I have no idea why that is the assumption; it is the assumption though.

    I’m surprised that you know a number of women with scriptural passages included in their lower back tattoos. Perhaps the women above is just part of a sample group that has been under publicized.

  8. Moriah Says:

    I’m not sure what I think of it. But the example does amuse me – if it’s a reminder to the man, there are better, more subtle ways of trying to get your point across. 😉

    As for being under publicized…that doesn’t surprise me. Most women who would permanently put Scripture upon their backs most likely consider themselves somewhat spiritual/religious (or they would choose something else) and it may not work within their framework or socialization to advertise widely that they have a lower back tattoo. ;p

  9. Moriah Says:

    (You had better post something new so I stop parsing this.)

  10. serioslymcmillan Says:

    Oh, my dearest Jonolan…Let me count the ways.

    Love the post.

    Seriously McMillan

  11. jonolan Says:

    😆 The are so many ways, McMillan, and she’s likely worked out them all.

    And of course I enjoyed the chance to mix such an image, my sarcastic with, extrapolations from the Apocrypha and the Aramaic language in a my post.

    Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the post; I did snag the image from your blog after all.

  12. Somebody Says:

    Because if one were to get a lower back tattoo; One, they apparently have no qualms with showing people a little more than they should see on their person (bikinis on a beach not withstanding). Two, exactly who the hell are you thinking is gonna see this anyway? The world? You know, there’s actually better places for that than there. LOTS of better places, both on and off skin. It sure ain’t for yourself – you can’t even see it back there (especially since you didn’t get it done in reverse so it could be read through a mirror). So the ultimate thing anyone could think of in this case is that you want someone to spend time looking at your ass. Since you made it a point to let whatever person needle a whole damn paragraph down there.

    Me personally, i would just look at the ass and forget the damn ink is even there. Hard to do, but still – i’ll look if you want me to, no need to draw extra attention.

  13. Midwest Says:

    It is unfortunate that we feel the need to judge others for their decisions. Why not focus on dealing with your own issues instead of turning your attention on others?

  14. Monica Says:

    I am a girl with a lower back tattoo. The precise reason I got it in that location is because it’s one of the few large areas of the female body that doesn’t warp much with time or weight fluctuations, and also it’s in a location where I can keep it hidden most of the time while while still exposing it if I so chose.

  15. jonolan Says:

    Quite pragmatic reasons for the placement, Monica. How do you deal with the societal assumptions about the “tramp stamp” though?

    I’m, of course, assuming that your tat doesn’t include Scripture.

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