Obama's Ebola HazardAs most people in the US are probably aware, we have a second case of ebola in America. One of the nurses treating Mr. Duncan contracted ebola from him in the course of providing him treatment in the days before his death from this extremely lethal African virus.

In American pop-culture this would be called a Wildfire scenario.

Obama’s CDC, of course, swiftly responded to contain this breach…of faith and trust, if not the deadly contagion itself.

We’re deeply concerned about this new development. I think the fact that we don’t know of a breach in protocol is concerning because clearly there was a breach in protocol. We have the ability to prevent the spread of Ebola by caring safely for patients.

— Dr. Thomas Frieden

Blaming the victim for what is likely her imminent and horrific death is the sort of classy behavior we’ve come to expect from Obama’s appointees, as is Frieden’s rank prevarication.

To appropriate a tag line from Frieden’s boss, let me be clear – If following the CDC’s protocols while treating one single patient with a well-known disease in a state-of-the-art hospital in a major American city is insufficient to prevent healthcare workers from contracting the disease from the lone patient they’re treating, then those protocols are horribly and lethally flawed!

It’s painfully and patently obvious that we do not have the ability to prevent the spread of Ebola by caring safely for patients – at least, not if we merely abide by the CDC’s protocols. Perhaps, however, used Firestone’s protocols for containment and treating ebola, we would have that ability.

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