Southern Gentlemen

If you’re White and from the South, especially if you’re a middle class or better White man, the Liberals will always see you as a racist no matter what your views or deeds are. That’s just the way it is because that’s how they’ve been indoctrinated for generations.

The Leftists' view of the evolution of the Southern gentlemen by Joe Pett
To the Left It’s Always Racism – If a White Does It.

So the question devolves to what, if anything, should be the response of Whites, especially Southern gentlemen? Quietly dismiss the claims and claimants as not worthy of response? Try to defend ourselves against allegations that have no metric by which to gauge them? Counterattack by pointing out that it’s the liberals who both think in terms of race and continue to foster a slave mindset among Blacks? Teach them a lesson by showing them what racism actually is?

You’ll be branded a racist no matter what you choose to do as long as you don’t wholeheartedly and without reservation support President Obama, the Liberals in government, and their agenda. So what are you going to do?

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7 Responses to “Southern Gentlemen”

  1. Personal Failure Says:

    You know what actually not being a racist means? Never having to loudly insist that you are not a racist.

  2. jonolan Says:

    That might be true if certain sorts of people didn’t make the allegation falsely. Much like Communism under McCarthy, racism under the Liberals is an attack without basis that cannot be disproven and does not require it be proven in order to punish the victim of such allegations.

  3. Paradigm Says:

    Personal Failure: By defining racism without even using the concept of race or ethnicity you kind of lend support to Jonolans view.

  4. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    Your post is truer than you may realize. I comment on a liberal blog on occasion and when this Wilson thing came up I wrote that it may have been frustration, but I didn’t believe race was the issue. There were no racial slurs.

    The comments before and after mine continued with the Republican race agenda, yet the liberals were fueling the fire with speculation based on speculation.

    Beyond a reasonable doubt would be a could test for these issues.

  5. jonolan Says:

    I’ve run into that as well, ichabod.

    I actually think there’s two sort of Liberals making these specious and/or spurious claims of rampant racism. The first sort is the cynical political operatives who realize that the McCarthy-esque charge is useful to them. The second sort is the deluded, indoctrinated masses who actually do see racism whenever anyone says anything against their leader.

  6. Moe Says:

    Jonolan: I don’t think what Wilson said or even where he said it is what makes the ‘racist’ charge come along. It’s that he felt empowered, allowed, to say it. And after he did, follow up investigation on his love of all things Confederate reinforced the impression. That’s my take anyway.

  7. jonolan Says:


    Because “he felt empowered, allowed, to say it” it’s racist? You don’t think eight years of Dems doing similar things to President Bush had more than a little to do with it? You don’t think that, when Wilson interrupted President Obama, it was moments after Obama had “set the tone” by calling the GOP in general liars?

    This is what I’m talking about. Vocalized dissent against Obama is being blamed on racism because President Obama is Black.

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