Quite The Joker

Plastered to various surfaces in the Los Angeles, CA, area is a new poster that stands outs out from rest. It’s a poster of Pres. Obama made up like Keith Ledger’s amazing redefinition of The Joker with the simple legend, “Socialism,” underneath it.

Obama as The Joker - Socialism
Do I really look like a guy with a plan?

Not surprisingly, the followers of Obama’s and the Left cannot describe this imagery as Pres. Obama as The Joker; they have to paint it in racist terms by describing it as America’s Black President in White Face.

The Joker white-face imposed on Obama’s visage has a sort of malicious, racist, Jim Crow quality to it that prompts us to ask, as Stephen Colbert puts it, “vomit, come on up.”

Bedlam Magazine

This poster is new to the national media so there’s been few responses so far. Expect that number to rapidly change, if not the nature of those response. The current strategy, deliberate or unconscious, of the Liberals is to portray anyone who criticizes Pres. Obama as a racist. It’s a useful political strategy, and a necessary one to use when you have few compelling counter-arguments to the dissent.

Take part in a Tea Party and you’re a racist; Have concerns over Pres. Obama’s birth certificate and/or his response to those questions and you’re a racist. Disapprove of anything that Pres. Obama is trying to do to America and…you’re a racist.

This gambit of crying ‘Racism” over any dissent to Obama’s rule is small-minded, tired, and shows an inherent racism, ethno-guiltism, and insecurity on the part of the Liberals who favor using it. It’s a divisive tactic that underlines their fixation upon President Obama’s racial self-identification.

And let’s not delve too deeply into the old adage, “We’ve done the time, we might as well do the crime”

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11 Responses to “Quite The Joker”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    But what is the point of this image? Given that the Joker got his pallor from bleaching his skin (by accident), the racial significance seem unavoidable. Is there any other fictional character with a similar story?

    At the risk of sounding PC I think one message that can be derived from the image is that Obama isn’t black and he isn’t white – he’s some kind of freak and not to be trusted.

  2. jonolan Says:

    OK, Paradigm. I can certainly get behind the 2nd part of that. I think it definitely shows Obama as “some kind of freak and not to be trusted.”

    I’m not willing to make the racist jump though. The Keith Ledger Joker is too pervasive of a meme for that in my mind. Also, given the time since White Face was even used, how many people would even understand that idea today without prompting and a history lesson?

    I think they’re reaching for things to call racist. The Liberals seem to need people to hate President Obama because he’s Black.

  3. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    I apologize as this is off topic. I read your comment this morning and it hit home.

    I posted it all by it’s little lonesome with a link to your home.

    It was very poignant and true. Those are the little gems found few and far between in this land of blog and I thank you for leaving it with me.

    Regards 🙂

  4. lynn Says:

    whoa, freaky picture of Bam! havent seent his one.

  5. jonolan Says:

    The posters were first seen in Los Angeles back in April, but it just hit the MSM last night, lynn.

    Yeah, it’s freaky.

  6. sweets Says:

    Someone really bad at Obama..

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  8. Aafke Says:

    I thought the joker image was only meant as a symbolic gesture because Obama now has to deal with real problems and is going back on several promises.

    I have seen this poster before, but a racial interpretation never entered my mind!
    Especially, as is stated before me, the Joker got his colour from an industrial accident.
    I do get tired of seeing everything dragged into a racial debate.
    I think debating Obama’s plans and strategies, ànd actions is far more interesting.

  9. jonolan Says:


    It’s a derogatory image of Obama. My first thought upon seeing it was to wonder how the Liberals were going to twist it into being something they could deride as racist.

    Racism seems to be the only argument that Liberals’ have against those who dissent. It’s an argument that does more – in my opinion – to solidify the thought that they elected Obama because he self-identifies as Black than it does to paint the opposition as hate-filled racists.

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