Q & A On Biden’s Campaign

Some things just don’t make sense on their own. Q & A is needed, since what is apparent is obtuse. A case in point being both Biden’s campaign and the nature of support his constituency has been engaged in.

The Question

The Answer

And there is the answer. Both the Biden Campaign and his supporters have nothing but hatred for President Trump and the American people. It is the sole plank in their political platform and the sole pillar of their ideology.

Why do they do nothing but spew hatred at our POTUS and we who support his efforts? They’ve got nothing else! In 47 years as a professional politician, Biden has never done anything of note, nor has he ever shown a strong position on anything for any length of time.

Not that Biden’s lack of noticeable accomplishment over the course of 47 years is in any way unusual for a career politician of any party. And Biden is definitely a career politician. He might even be considered the archetypal career politician.

Not only is Biden a career politician, but politics has also been his only career. In his working life, he only spent approximately two years – the first two years after law school – when he wasn’t holding some form of public office. That has not only colored his opinions, but it has also shaped him into one of the easily forgotten “worker bees” of the legislature; someone who quietly helps get some things done while not rocking the boat of his supporters and donors too much. It did not shape Biden into a leader.

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