Occupy The Protocols

Since the mobs’ inception the rabble of OWS have repeatedly denied the antisemitism that makes up a large part of the emotional foundation of the neo-Socialist “movement.” I think this recent image from the groups Facebook page for their Tampa, FL cell puts paid to those denials.

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#Occupy The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

I’m just surprised that the rabble of OWS haven’t been openly quoting from Protocols of the Learned Elder of Zion since they would fit perfectly with OWS’ core beliefs of Socialism and class warfare.

It’s a simple fact that throughout history all Socialist and Communist movements have been predicated upon antisemitism, just as it is a simple fact that the Liberals and Progressives have internalized antisemitism in the last three decades.

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  1. Moe Says:

    Well, that’s ugly. And probably fringe. The comments sections on both Kos (although fewer since they are working hard to police it now) and RedState or NewMax or The Blaze include plenty ugly sentiments too.

    Liberal anti semitism? In the US that’s just a fiction. There’s of course a long history of it in Europe and Russia going back hundreds of years. And again, except for extremist groups it’s been dying out. Probably Stalin’s USSR was the last genocidal antisemetic government in the West (they’re ‘sort of’ the West). Although the Vatican certainly kept up the traditioon pretty well – it’s no longer overt, but it’s there.

    In post WWII America though, the a continuing theme of anti semitism is on the right. Particularly among Christian conservataives. There is an interesting post at Kos (I won’t soil your site with a link unless you ask 😆 – from it:

    I [the author] would even argue all that racism at other more overt ethnics is just a variation of the central bigotry that has informed the Christian conservative movement for a hundred years now: that Jews are undermining the purity of the Christian Nation from within by spreading left wing communist ideas as a cover for a global financing plan to destroy the world.

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