Occupare Absurdum

Though the weather in many areas may make it seem otherwise, Spring is upon us and with it will inevitably come the reeking and ranting return of the remains of OWS rabble in all their criminal “splendor.”

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they bother. They’ve passed the point of absurdity and are nothing but a target for scorn, ridicule, and mockery from the American people.

Occupare Absurdum
Occupeeps! Just In Time For Spring
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You’ve just got to love it. Nothing says that the OWS rabble have outlived their relevance without achieving any successes than a peep diorama.

OK, if they were trying to prove to themselves that Americans despise everything that OWS believes in or, they wanted their “Woodstock Moment,” they had some successes.

The diorama, created by Cori E. Wright, 38, of Falls Church, VA, shown above was the winner of the Washington Post’s 6th annual Peep Show.

Before the contest began, we predicted that Occupy D.C. and its spinoffs would dominate submissions, and they did: There were dozens of Occupy-related entries from the 755 entries received. An OccuPeep entry took on an air of inevitability.

The real question that I can see is whether the OWS rabble were reduced to marshmallow fluff and food coloring or if they were risen up those things. Either way though, all OWS occupies is absurdity.

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