Obama’s Blame Game

Pretty much every American knows that Obama is something of a “Playa” and many know what that leads to. What we sometimes forget is that the boy’s best game is the blame game.

Obama on Tuesday surrounded himself with firefighters and other first responders at the White House, where he said Republicans would be at fault if the spending reductions take effect and cost the jobs of emergency personnel. The campaign-style event marked the beginning of what aides described as an intensifying push to pressure Congress to postpone the cuts — or to blame Republicans in Congress if it doesn’t.

The petulant little grifter plays the blame game as only a Black can, but there are some holes in his game:

  1. Insofar as his followers are concerned, these are wasted words. The Left and their minority sharecroppers would blame the “Old White Men” of the GOP no matter what.
  2. Americans, when they here Obama jabber crap like this, just hear him shucking and jiving again and don’t bother themselves to give the boy the hand-out of lending him or his word credence.

Still, he plays the blame game quite well. We, the People just wish he’d get really pissed off and take his bat and ball and go “home” to some benighted Third World country where he could play Post-Colonial leader instead of trying to turn our country into one.

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6 Responses to “Obama’s Blame Game”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    We have the Futurama Hypno-toad President . There is no other explanation for why low intelligence voters have stayed with him . I can point out his lies and failures to friends I know who voted for him . Nothing matters . The propaganda press puts outs so much crap to muddy the waters . It’s amazing how much damage you can accomplish when you have no conscience .

  2. jonolan Says:


    Two things: The boy is Black and that’s ALL that matters to many of our domestic enemies; and he feeds their hate and oikophobia with his nigh constant attacks upon Americans and intrinsic American cultural values.

    That takes the boy outside what I would guess the definition of Futurama Hypno-toad would be.

    Of course, now I’m going to have to go through Netflix and find out what a Futurama Hypno-toad actually is and does. 😆

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    Barry keeps winning these political games with the GOP. He is bankrupting the country and when Republicans try to stop him, he cuts spending where it will cause the most pain to the country.

    Barry is what he is. It is the enablers around him and in the press who have sold out their country. Like the local politicians in Illinois and California, they have no moral compass. The scum in Bell California and the horse lady Comptroller in Dixon Illinois have the same contempt for the taxpayer that our Lord Protector has. Meanwhile the Barry voter is too confused to see what is in front of him. Got to be hypnotized.

  4. rosalindevefranklin Says:

    Ewwwwww!!!! You’re not just a moron, you’re a super moron! Please stay away seriously stop commenting on my blog. I don’t even want contact with you for a nanosecond by any mode of communication whatsoever like ever. Ewwwww!!! Yucky!!! Gross!!!! Racist super moron! Obama is a moron (much less than you) but that certainly doesn’t allow you or anyone else to ever judge him based on his skin color, period. Like read up on MLK and Abraham Lincoln, UN Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Convention. WTF? Seriously!
    You must be a Tea Party super moron… Just go have tea. Whatever. I suggest you have some MJ with that. So you can start seeing the light and wake the fuck up. Your problem anyways. Still be safe though. Super important, top priority. Morons like you only make the rest of the World less safe and there are already way too many psychos lurking around near and far. So please stay safe, period. Farewell!

  5. rosalindevefranklin Says:

    Plus why don’t you go visit a goddamn Third World Country as you say? Anywhere in Africa. Just go visit and have some tea with random black Africans anywhere. You’ll come back totally changed, I guarantee it. 10000000%. I’m a Marabout myself (not for real though cause I’m with Yahweh onwards). Careful about them Marabouts or psychos or anyone standing with them. Shame on them Baal believers! Whatever! Do what you want. Stay safe, that’s it!

  6. jonolan Says:

    Firstly, ease back on the expresso, Red Bull, crack, meth, or whatever you’re doing. You’re just a but too frenetic to make sense. 😆

    Secondly, I spent years in various Third World “countries” and it did change me. It made me realize that they can’t be helped or salvaged.

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