ObamaCare Line – 5

Assuming that ObamaCare is passed into law in America, people may in the future be calling the ObamaCare Line as the first step in receiving medical treatment. Here’s what such a phone call might sound like:

The ObamaCare Line – Enforcement Of Obama’s Policies

Well, as over-the-top and hyperbolic as this video by Concerned Women For America is, mandatory health insurance is part of the proposed ObamaCare. Enforcement capabilities have to be assumed, especially with the proposed sharing of health insurance information and medical records between different branches of the federal government, including the IRS.

All sarcasm and humor aside, this video speaks to a real fear among Americans. If the government controls our access to medical care, how can we dissent from anything that the government wants to do without risking our health and lives and that of our children?

On the other hand, if they’d have included that creepy Obama cult hold music, it might make one glad for the police to come to take you away. 😉

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