Nadir Of Irresponsibility

Let us for the nonce consider matters as they currently stand in America as if the fantasies of the Liberals and their minority tenants were true. Let us pretend that they’re right and that American society and culture is endemically and inherently racist – vilely and perniciously so.

If Americans are so racist, wasn’t it the nadir of irresponsibility to install a Black man as POTUS during the current crisis-ridden times facing America and the world?

Think about that objectively for a moment. If Americans are so racist and hold such fear, loathing, and hatred for minorities that they were going to attack Obama no matter what he did or said just because he’s Black, how irresponsible or, alternatively, how much hatred for America the Liberals and their minority tenants must one have to willfully saddle America with him as POTUS in these times?

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