Medical Experimentation?

Obama's Ebola HazardI’ve already asked the question of whether or not Obama wanted ebola to strike the US. Now, watching the progress of ebola within America, another question comes to my mind. Did Obama and his CDC engage in “medical experimentation” in their handling of the late Thomas Duncan’s fatal and communicable illness.

This is more plausible than one might first believe.

It all comes down to the evidence presented by how Thomas Duncan’s case of ebola was handled.

Why wasn’t Mr. Duncan immediately moved to Emory Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the world for dealing with diseases such as ebola and attached to the CDC? It’s where all or most of the infected medical personnel from Africa have been sent. Barring that, why were the CDC largely uninvolved in the treatment of Mr. Duncan? Why instead were local civilian medical personnel put in charge of it with only CDC-approved protocols for them to follow?

Why, after those protocols were proven to be ineffective, resulting in the infection of one of his nurses, Nina Pham, were CDC staff not subject to emergency briefings reenforcing quarantine and containment procedures for other possibly infected Dallas medical personnel?

The only two answers I can come up with are gross negligence or a planned non-response. While normally I’m among the first to chalk up such things to negligence and/or incompetence, the White House’s and their CDC’s reaction really fits the model for an experiment.

So I have to ask if Obama and his CDC deliberately refused to respond to this initial ebola case in the US as a true emergency requiring the mobilization of CDC resources as a means of testing the in-place procedures and biological disaster response capabilities already in use. After all, various professionals have warned us for over a decade that our response and containment capabilities were lacking and this would be an effective “live fire” exercise to prove or disprove those predictions.

I admit though that it’d be horrendously ironic if this is the case – as it very well might be – since it mean the Black POTUS engaging in “medical experimentation” upon another Black man.

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4 Responses to “Medical Experimentation?”

  1. ichabod Says:

    Hi Jonolan

    You bring up an interesting take on this. We all know the government(s) have experimented with biological warfare in the past and have no doubt they are still doing it.

    Mind you what you propose is not unthinkable, previous genocides by we humans have happened many times before and I realize there are people on this planet who firmly believe there are too many of us here and they justify mass murder in the name of saving the earth and the human race.

    I suppose we will find out sooner or later if we are still around 🙂

  2. jonolan Says:


    I wasn’t even going for, or really considering, the bio-war angle. I figure that, if this was a deliberate reduction in emergency response, it was for the purpose of determining if the protocols for dealing with an outbreak were sufficient and if the medical community could handle it.

  3. ichabod Says:

    Hi Jonolan;

    It was a misinterpretation on my part, but now you corrected me and if it is true, what if the Ebola was or is or difficult to contain as a common cold, they would have and are playing with the lives on the people they are sworn to protect. This mornings news states that one of Duncan’s health care worker workers is on a Carribean cruise ship now.

    They better get him or her off it before someone throws the individual off for self preservation.

    They should have replaced this administration a long time ago.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Fortunately ebola isn’t nearly as difficult to contain as a cold or flu. Of course, that itself brings up the less than publicized fact that, in the US alone, the run of the mill, seasonal flu kills an average of 23,600 per year.

    As for the health care worker worker on a Carribean cruise ship – she’s a lab supervisor at the hospital where Thomas Duncan died. She shows no symptoms but has quarantined herself just in case, and Belize is not letting the ship make port.

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