Liberal Vision

Liberal vision is a stark contrast in Black and White. Their requirements for vision are based upon race and they’re completely different, antithetical even,  for Blacks and Whites respectively.


Insofar as the Liberals are concerned a Black must always look back to the past. Blacks must always look back six generations – 147 years – to when one or more of their ancestors might have been a slave. Every iota of racism and prejudice that their ancestors ever experienced must be always kept in the forefront of the Blacks’ minds and vision.


Conversely, any White who looks back to past when America was strong and largely unified in vision is derided. Whites must always see the past as both gone and worse than today and the future. There can, in the Liberals’ minds, be no excuse for any White that doesn’t believe that America is “progressing” in the correct direction.


Where these Liberals are consistent is in their belief and proselytizing that America’s past was bad, wrong, and immoral. The contrast is that they demand that Blacks dwell upon it while the Whites turn their back on it.

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