Leftist Terrorist Teen

Were you ware that on the morning of May 25, 2009, a Starbucks coffee shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY was bombed? Probably not; this sort of bombing isn’t particularly considered news by our MSM.

What you probably also don’t know, and would probably have to hunt to find out, is that this under-reported bombing was perpetrated by a Left-Wing terrorist who sought to emulate the violent assaults on “Corporate America” planned by a character in David Fincher’s movie, Fight Club.

From one of the few sites outside of NYC mentioning this, Newser:

A Fight Club-obsessed teen has been arrested for the bombing of a Manhattan Starbucks, the New York Daily News reports. Kyle Shaw, 17, modeled himself on the Tyler Durden character in the movie and sought to copy the film’s “Project Mayhem” attacks on corporate America, according to police. Shaw—who evidently forget that the first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club—was busted after bragging to friends about the May bombing, said detectives.

— Rob Quinn

Deranged and Treasonous Leftist Domestic Terrorist, Kyle ShawThe terrorist, Kyle Shaw, was born in America and is a young, White male. It would seem odd that the MSM chose to not make a big deal about this act of domestic terrorism since Shaw would seem to be the perfect foil for the MSM – that is until you realize that Shaw was a Leftist terrorist.

The MSM is far less than willing point out the Left-Wing terrorists, even White male ones.

Of course this is to be expected; the MSM is infotainment, not journalism and it reflects the cultural and racial biases of its viewers. They’re the ones theoretically buying what the advertisers are selling.

With the Liberals’ fomenting such class warfare and hatred of the wealthy, it’s to be expected that there would be little if any outrage over attacks against American corporation, irrespective of how violent they were.

Scott Roeder, who killed the notorious abortionist George Tiller in a targeted execution, was branded as a horrific domestic terrorist by the Liberals and the media from coast to coast.  US Attorney General, Eric Holder even dispatched US Marshals to US Marshals to protect abortion mills across the nations.

Kyle Shaw, who planted a bomb on a busy Manhattan sidewalk and launched an indiscriminate attack that could have harmed or killed anyone passing by, was and is largely ignored by the Liberals, the MSM, and federal authorities.

It seems that, in the land that the Liberals and their MSM have created in the wake of America, only politically incorrect acts of violence and/or terrorism are despised.

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14 Responses to “Leftist Terrorist Teen”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    It could also be that minor incidents are less newsworthy. There are a lot of terrorist attacks in Europe that never get any attention because more serious stuff is going on elsewhere. If this guy was part of a movement with an agenda, like Roeder, then I’m sure it would have been reported by the MSM. But a disturbed kid who can’t tell the difference between movies and reality? That’s not a terrorist at all.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I don’t find a bombing in a metropolitan areas particularly minor, Paradigm. But I didn’t find the Muslim terrorist who killed people at a recruiting center minor either – even though many on the Left seem to.

    It telling though that you describe Roeder as part of a “movement” but don’t consider Shaw as part of one. Has not Obama regime and his MSM essentially fomented exactly this sort of hatred for “Corporate America?” Isn’t that form of class warfare a movement?

    Also, notice how Timothy McVeigh, another disturbed young man, was reviled as terrorist, whereas Shaw is ignored.

    P.S.: Welcome back. I haven’t heard from you in quite a while.

  3. Paradigm Says:

    But there are a lot of bombings on the same scale. There are in fact hundreds of terrorist attacks in Europe every year. Small bombs that rarely kill anyone. It’s mainly separatists and various left-wing groups that carry out the attacks. If the media would focus on them there’d be no room for anything else.

    I don’t know exactly what movement Shaw would belong to. I suspect he isn’t that into politics at all. Has he made any political statements? Roeder and McVeigh on the other hand were clearly anti-government.

    But in the end it’s about money. Shaw just can’t match Roeder or even less McVeigh since he didn’t actually kill anyone. You can’t make headlines saying someone could have been killed.

  4. zhann Says:

    It is also important to note that there are plenty of Liberal Terrorists that make the news. Daniel Andreas, for example, is on the FBI’s most wanted list. Many more like him are regularly in the news. Lets not forget one of the worst leftist terrorists … PETA. While they don’t blow much up, they terrorize me regularly … I have even had nightmares.

    As for a biased media … well, I can’t argue with that.

  5. jonolan Says:


    Shaw made political statements about his bombing in the sense that he claimed to be doing his version of “Operation Mayhem” against Corporate America.

    As for Roeder, his killing of Tiller had little, if anything, to do with his anti-government position. It seemed to be a separate issue that only intersected with the government due to their response to Tiller’s killing.


    While Andreas is wanted by the FBI, news about him and his action never made much in the way of “news” as far as the MSM was concerned.

  6. matthew wright Says:


    I knew about this case, and you have a valid point. The coverage was not comparable to some other “higher profile” cases. The Scott Roeder case was huge news because George Tiller became a cause celebre’ for anti-abortion opponents, and because he had been targeted for quite some time. Not because liberals “value” one life or death over another. That is the crux of the problem. Back and forth, tit for tat. I suppose that is the way things are, so you should be under no illusions about anything being any different. To glorify anyone’s death or pain is no way to strike a blow for the cause. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on.

  7. jonolan Says:


    I’m not convinced that you’re really correct in your assertion that Liberals don’t value one life or death over another. Of course I’m not convinced that the Conservatives don’t value one life or death over another either.

    I really would have thought that a teen who bombed a building in a crowded city in order to emulate a movie character would have gotten more media coverage though. I’m convinced if it had been a Right-Wing cause, as opposed to anti-corporatism, it would have.

  8. matthew wright Says:


    Perhaps you’re right, but we’ll never know for certain. I think the only responsible thing we can do is report what we see, regardless of whatever light we see it in.

  9. jonolan Says:

    You’re damn right on that last point, Matthew. We bloggers are essentially the alternative media and the closest thing in America – despite I biases – to objective journalism.

  10. cousinavi Says:

    Yeah, they always ignore the white males terrorists – like Timmy McVeigh. He got no attention.

    And, of course, being motivated by Fight Club clearly demarcates him a left-wing ideologue. He clearly had an agenda – a list of demands…an organization of like-minded fuckwits behind him.

    One might, instead, call him what he was (as Faux News loves to tag those whom they directly incite) – A lone, demented nut.

    Jumped up Jesus on skis, false equivalency and elastic logic stumbling over desperation is no way to go about argument.

  11. jonolan Says:


    McVeigh got attention, true enough – though he too, much like Roeder, operated alone. Left-wing terrorists do not seem to get such attention by the media anymore though – even when they’re White miles, a favorite target of the media these days.

    Being motivated, by his own admission, by the “Operation Mayhem” part of Fight Club certainly makes Shaw a Left-Wing ideologue with a specific agenda.

    Jumped up Jesus on skis, false equivalency and elastic logic stumbling over desperation is no way to go about argument.

    True – you should, in the future, try to avoid it outside of Liberal circles. 😉

    An in any case and irrespective of our differences and our “pointed” way of expressing them, welcome to Reflection From A Murky Pond, cousinavi.

  12. Bed-Stuy PUNK Says:

    If he only listened to Brad Pitt about the rules of Fight Club…
    What is bombing a Starbucks going to do?
    Starbucks users would just walk two more blocks and get their
    venti mocha frapuchino

  13. Josh Brandt Says:

    I think that he does have an agenda. He would be a very poor Tyler Durdan wanna-be if he didn’t have a hit list of corporate targets. Then again he did break rules 1 and 2, but so did half of the other project mayhem members in the book/movie. The point is that terrorist attacks on American soil, by anyone, is not that common, and for any media to ignore this incident is incredibly irresponsible.

  14. jonolan Says:

    Josh and Bed-Stuy PUNK,

    You both bring up, in your own ways, an interesting point. Shaw was largely inept.

    I suppose it’s possible that the MSM covers the Left-Wing terrorists less because they have a history of being largely ineffectual.

    On the other hand, neither the media, the Left, nor the government showed any particular outrage over either the prison-convert Muslim jihadis that were stopped by the FBI before they could bomb an NYC Synagogue, or the jihadi that shot up a recruiting center and killed one soldier…

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