It’s Hill’s Meeting!

On Wednesday, September 2, 2009, Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) held a Town Hall meeting in a high school auditorium in Bloomington, Indiana. This was a good thing; it’s essential for Americans to get a first hand look at how their elected public servants think and act. Of course sometimes that essential knowledge is quite painful.

It’s My Town Hall Meeting and I Set The Rules!

I think Rep. Hill made his point very clearly. The people – that would be the People – who elected him into office are not going to tell him what to do or demand any sort of accountability from him. They are not to tell him how to run his Congressional office.

This is my town hall meeting, and I set the rules, and I’ve had these rules . . .

Let me repeat that one more time. This is my town hall meeting for you. And you’re not going to tell me how to run my Congressional office.

Now, the reason why I don’t allow filming is that usually the films that are done end up on YouTube in a compromising position.

— Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN)
September 2, 2009, Town Hall, Bloomington, IN

The arrogance of some of these creatures is nigh on overwhelming. They keep forgetting that they serve at the pleasure of the People; they do not reign – not ever while Americans will still shed and spill blood in defense of Liberty – and the People will tell them how to run their Congressional office.

Since Rep. Hill is a Democrat, it’s statistically less than useless to Christian quote scripture – Proverbs 30: 21-23 in this case – to illustrate just how reprehensible his behavior is. I’ll settle for the poetic interpretation by Rudyard Kipling.

Three things make earth unquiet
And four she cannot brook
The godly Agur counted them
And put them in a book —
Those Four Tremendous Curses
With which mankind is cursed;
But a Servant when He Reigneth
Old Agur entered first…

— Rudyard Kipling
Excerpt from A Servant When He Reigneth

On the brighter side, Rep. Hill is up for reelection in 2010 so the people of Indiana can remove him from office and replace him with someone who has a better understanding of the role of a US Representative.

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  1. Minority Advocate Says:


    Thanks for posting another shining example of the people’s current “representation” in Congress. This clip is particularly wonderful, for it shows that not only do our “representatives” know better than we what’s best for us, but also that they have the ability to predict the future.

    “This is my town hall meeting….the films that are done end up on YouTube in a compromising position.”

    Wow. Both a petty tyrant and a fortune-teller. No wonder Indiana sent him to Capitol Hill.

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