It’s Been Three Years

It’s been three years since Obama was installed as the POTUS. For three full years now America has writhed under the class warfare and utter uselessness of the Obama Regime. Our economy remains in the tank; jobs have continued to be, to put it kindly, thin on the ground except for the ever-growing public sector; and what there is of our foreign policy is a joke wrapped in a riddle, wrapped up in an enigma.

Throughout it all Obama’s continued response is to blame everyone and anyone except himself, with special emphasis on any who are productive, successful…and White.

It's Been Three Years, Boy. When're you either going to do something right or admit you're worthless and get out of America's way?
It’s Been Three Years

At what point will Obama own up to his failure? At what point will he, if ever, reject the sad myth of his being too Black to fail and accept responsibility for what he’s done and so often over the last three years failed to do?

My guess would be sometime after the boy is dead and brought up for judgement, not before.

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  2. jonolan Says:

    Well, as I said, never in his lifetime. Last I heard though, the Gods don’t accept excuses or “blamecasting.”

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