I’d Like Some Context

It’s all over the internet today that Obama said to one or more of his aides, “I’m really good at killing people,” while discussing his drone warfare program. This has, of course and somewhat rightly, raised an internet shit storm over this statement.

Personally, as easy as it is for me to jump to the conclusion that Obama is totally morally bereft and enjoys his ability to murder with impunity, I’d like the full context of his statement before making any judgements. I don’t know if it was a boast, as is claimed, or part of a larger conversion that puts the statement in a completely different light.

I’ve made essentially the same statement about myself because it’s true and, at times, it’s something that I lament. Hence, I can’t judge Obama’s statement without further information and I’m little frustrated with way others are doing so as it shows a ease of credulity that is disturbing.

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  1. Casey Says:

    I’d like some context for pretty much every political statement that gets bad press. Especially bad internet press.

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