Barack The Barbarian

When the Liberals and Progressives – and they’re minority tenants – elected Barack Obama as POTUS they both hoped for- and expected a leader, a messiah if you will, who would destroy any and all dissent from their agenda and fundamentally change America.

Barack The Barbarian
Expectation & Desire: Barack The Barbarian

“The One” was supposed to lower the seas, rally the Leftists as a living banner, crush and annihilate all American resistance, destroy the “Old White Men,” and usher in a new Liberal Utopian Age.

Happily for America or, at least less than sadly, reality intruded upon our domestic enemies’ wet dreams. What they got in Obama was slightly different than they longed for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Obama E. Neuman - What, Me Worry?
Reality: Barack E. Neuman

As one of my wives oft-times says, “Stupid should be painful,” and believing a self-centered, narcissistic man-child with no experience in anything other than campaigning for political office will bring about “Hope and Change” and usher in some twisted vision of Age of Aquarius is quite possibly the nadir of stupidity. I’m fairly sure the Leftists’ and the minority tenants’ pain is and will continue to be commensurate with the level of that stupidity.

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3 Responses to “Barack The Barbarian”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    He’s definitely nothing more than a tool. To get it through as many political stages as it has traversed in such a short period of time must have been expensive! ow’s that working for ya there Georg? Or is that George? Or Sergei?

  2. jonolan Says:

    I’m not as sold on the Soros link as you are, cmblake6. You’re fixation on that strikes me as too similar to our domestic enemies’ fixation on the Koch brothers.

    I think Obama has been a tool for many people during the course of his career and, if Soros is one of them, he’s just one among many who got poor value for dollar.

  3. zhann Says:

    You know, I still find your contempt for the ‘liberal enemy’ amusing. How is it that you don’t see that the conservative right are just as damaging, if not more so, to the USA than the liberals? The Koch brothers, for example … ? While I can’t say that they are solely responsible for the current state of the USA, they definitely play a huge role … Soros as well, BTW.

    Personally, I see the true enemy of the US as those people who are so set in their brainwashed mentality that they fail to see the whats good on the other side of the field. The liberals offer a great deal of good, and so does the tea party … however, I would NEVER call myself a tea party enthusiast and think the majority of them are, well … batshit crazy. I cant say the same for liberals, of course, but the far left are definitely just as nuts.

    Honestly … time to get off the high horse and face facts. You are a smart guy, Jonolan, you know there is truth in what I am saying. If you are going to bash one, you may as well bash the other.

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