A Cappella Agitpop

The MSM is just A Capella Agitpop
The Lamestream Enemedia’s Fake News Is Just A Capella Agitpop

No, the Lamestream Enemedia isn’t news, not even fake news. It’s nothing more or less than Leftist agitpop with no instrumental accompaniment. As such, it’s not something that should be taken seriously except in that it poses a certain level of threat to our nation.

OK, it does also serve the useful purpose of helping us identify our domestic enemies and their sympathizers in that anyone parroting the Lamestream Enemedia’s narratives is using shibboleths that easily identify them as members or fellow travelers of the Left.

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One Response to “A Cappella Agitpop”

  1. Jim Says:

    The MSM is still doing some valuable work in presenting facts. Due to their biases, the facts they present must be teased out from their analysis and editorializing and checked against their sources. There is very little I would trust when the media claims anonymous sources. For example, I’ll believe in the Russian conspiracy theories when some real evidence is reported. Reporting innuendo as fact truly is fake news, and it is wonderfully ironic that the MSM is being hosted on their own petard.
    While youtube and facebook are full of junk, they are also home to a vast army of fact checkers who form a counter balance to the biases of the MSM. I wouldn’t call the MSM leftist. Rather their bias is toward the establishment, of which they are a part. I.e. it is self interest. Notice how the MSM have begun attacking their enemies. When smearing alternative media like Infowars and Breitbart backfired, they turned to attacking the platforms, going after Google’s add revenue and, so far, succeeding in pressuring them into censoring their content providers.
    While I don’t subscribe to Alex Jone’s theory of an organized globalist conspiracy (I just don’t think people are that smart, I guess), I do follow a few voices of reason on youtube on both the left and the right who I would hate to see silenced by the MSM. I think people like Dave Reuben, Carl Benjamin, Stefan Molyneux, and others perform a great service in countering media biases. They themselves have their biases, but that’s OK. I take what everyone says critically, and I listen to multiple points of view.
    Here’s hoping Google has the balls to tell the WSJ and its politically correct when it suits them advertizers to stick it. Otherwise, they will be killing (or at least driving away) the geese that are laying their golden eggs. Eventually, companies will realize that they need to advertise on sites that are watched by people who want to buy their products. If Google is smart, they’ll wait out the current flap without destroying youtube in the process.

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