Today Is The Day

The ending of an error; the beginning of a new eraToday Is The Day
The Ending Of An Error; The Beginning Of A New Era

Today, despite all the “best efforts” of our domestic enemies, is the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States. Today is the end of a horrid error and the start of a new era for America, hopefully one of rebirth, renewal, and a restored greatness.

All across our nation Americans will be celebrating, most quietly but some quite raucously I’m sure, both the removal of Obama and what he stood for and the ushering in of President Trump – Say that again, President Trump! – and the hope for proper change that he comes burdened with.

And, as for the crying, ranting, wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth from our domestic enemies? Those are the sounds that the happy warrior lives for and just serve to make this day all the more celebratory.

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2 Responses to “Today Is The Day”

  1. GaiaTree Says:

    After looking over your blog you seem to have a irrational hatred for Liberals. You pigeon hole people into generalized stereotypes neglecting the greater context of economic and political forces that move groups. To counter religious extremism use education..the more education someone has..true education, the less likely they will believe in the stupid bullshit that religion is. You have few likes and few fans..because your ignorance is appalling. Keep preaching hate..see where that gets you.

  2. Elr814 Says:

    Wow, you’ve sure convinced me!

    Oh, no, sorry, it was just gas. My bad.

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