What Is The Point?

Michael Vick - Herpes infected, dog killing ghetto thugWhat is the point of the United States having laws and codified punishments for transgressions of the laws if the courts refuse to enforce them?

What is most likely to soon happen is beyond belief and should be beyond America’s countenance.


Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick plans to plead guilty to state dogfighting charges, a step that could allow him to qualify for an early release from federal prison and into a halfway house, court papers show.

In a motion filed Oct. 15 in Surry County Circuit Court, Vick’s attorneys asked to have him enter his plea by video teleconference. A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Oct. 30, Surry County Circuit Court administrator Sally Neblett said Tuesday.

The court papers note that allowing Vick to appear on two-way video would save the government the considerable expense of transporting him from prison in Leavenworth, Kan., to Surry County. His guilty plea would also allow him to pursue a halfway house program.

Under federal rules, Vick is ineligible to be released to a Residential Re-entry Center in the federal system until any pending charges against him are resolved.

In a statement, Vick attorneys Billy Martin and Lawrence Woodward said their client “is committed to taking responsibility for his actions. He is hopeful that, through this motion, the trial court will allow him to finally resolve these matters and put the charges behind him so that he can begin to focus on his future and to prepare to be reunited with his family.”

The plea deal, if approved, also would satisfy the county’s need to hold him accountable for the grisly crimes he bankrolled and participated in at a rural house he owned there.

“I’m not trying to make him suffer,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Poindexter said in a telephone interview. “I’m just trying to make him account for what he’s done.”

Vick pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges tied to the dogfighting operation last summer and is serving a 23-month term. Three convicted co-defendants also face local charges. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons lists Vick’s projected release date as July 20, 2009.

Vick will have three years of federal probation upon his release from prison, and the deal offered by Poindexter would tack on an unspecified jail sentence, which would be suspended, and an additional year of probation in the county, he said.

Poindexter said he’s not sure how quickly the judge would rule on the motion.

If permitted by a judge, Vick’s video participation in the plea hearing would not be the first time he has participated electronically. Prison officials in Kansas have allowed the former Atlanta Falcons star to listen via telephone line to each of his several bankruptcy hearings in recent months.

— Hank Kurz Jr.
Associated Press sports writer, Richmond, VA.

How else can this obscenity be described other than as a complete betrayal of justice? Has America reached the point of depravity that vile, subhuman ghetto thugs like Sick Vick are to be coddled because they can play a sport? Does anyone actually think something like Sick Vick can be rehabilitated?

Some Americans felt that Sick Vick should have been executed for his gross and heinous crimes. Instead it looks like Vick will get some of the remainder of his 23-month federal sentence commuted to a halfway house program, and will not spend one lone day in a Virginia prison for his dogfighting crimes.

A little reminder of Michael “Sick” Vick’s crimes:

A sample victim of Michael 'Sick' Vick's dogfighting business

If Attorney Gerald Poindexter perpetrates this obscenity and allows this subhuman thug to walk free, I hope that some right thinking Americans who remember Justice and realize the Law no longer supports it find Sick Vick one fine day or night and do the right thing.

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One Response to “What Is The Point?”

  1. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    I have to say, the special treatment allowed to sports figures is obscene. Originally being from Los Angeles, in 2003 every news channel and every newspaper was all over the whole Kobe Bryant rape case.
    Despite the laws that have been in place for many years that changed the way a rape charge was handled – meaning that the victim was no longer the one put on trial, well, in the case of Kobe, those laws seemed to disappear. Kobe is the darling of the Lakers, and a young woman’s life has taken a drastic downward turn.

    The whole matter is disgusting, as is this dogfighting charge being so lenient. I am of the Irish temper when it comes to animal cruelty like this – I daydream that whomever engages in this type of gaming needs to have a pack of wild, angry, very big dogs alone in the room with the person.

    Now THAT might rehabilitate the man.

    However, I have a question for you (naturally). If you are horrified by animal cruelty, how do you reconcile that with Sarah Palin’s signing a bill in Alaska that would allow hunters to shoot wolves and other wildlife from low flying planes, causing prolonged agony before death?

    It is a rather brutal video, but I think you can handle it – in fact you have probably already seen it, but if not…..


    Let me know if the link comes through, and I hope you know that I am asking in all sincerity – not looking to bust chops, just find myself curious and a bit puzzled.


    I do not know if you popped back over to mi casa, but you have been released from spam jail. My apologies – I will pay more attention to my spam filter.

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