The Left Likes This

Terry “Terrible” Tate aka Lester Speight is a washed-up ex-NFL linebacker who made some commercials for Reebok based on his violent character. The commercials did very poorly on-air, but were popular internet downloads from the Reebok website.

Terry Tate is back in the limelight again. He’s made not one but two new videos wherein he assaults Gov. Sarah Palin while she is talking to Katie Couric.

The Left like this filth:

Terry Tate: Reading Is Fundemental

…And this filth:

Terry Tate: From Russia With Love

This racist, misogynist filth was published on Oct 16th, 2008. I waited until today – the 23rd – to post about it because I wanted to first see what the reactions to the videos would be. Those reactions turned out to be quite disheartening – but on hindsight, not in the least bit unexpected.

The Left thinks it’s hilariously funny to watch a giant Black man assault and smash a White woman to the ground and then berate her as she lays there wounded. In their twisted minds Black-on-White interracial violence is funny. To them it’s only racist when the subject is White-on-Black violence. Apparently they also think that any and all assaults on women are funny. The Left’s treatment of both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin make the assertion very clear and apparent.

Neither CBS nor Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign have denounced Terry Tate’s vileness. Both Obama and his media surrogates have failed to report on it at all. I sincerely doubt the situation would be the same if it was a series of videos showing Sen. Obama being assaulted by a large White man.

The elections are only a few days away. Please think about this. When you cast your vote for President, you are not just electing a President; you are voting in agreement with that candidate’s supporters. Are the people who think these videos are funny the ones you want to empower?

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25 Responses to “The Left Likes This”

  1. pk Says:

    ! these are terrible – goes to show, politics really brings out the worst in people.

    Although I don’t support either candidate I will wish the winner of the election, regardless of who it is, my best.

    I feel like if JM and SPalin were to win, that the liberals of the country would, unfortunately, wish them the worst.


  2. ag Says:

    I am of the LEFT and I think these videos are garbage. I don’t really see the point is posting these stupid clips and associating them with the Democratic Party at large. I would definitely think twice before associating fundamental Christians and bigots to the entirety of the Republican Party!

    Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of smear campaigns, petty politics, scandals, and absurdities like the one you just posted. Are you to be associated with the sex-capades of senior senators with little boys? Or racist imagery posted by some Republicans? Probably not. So think twice before you say all Democrats (or Republicans) are the same as their supporters…unless you also think McCain (like a supporter at his rally) wants to “kill” Obama?

  3. jonolan Says:


    Given the plethora of very positive comments about these videos on almost every video download site that carries them, and given that those pro-Tate comments are sitting along an equal number of very sexist comments about Gov. Palin, you’re a member of a very small minority among the Left.

    Yes, my assertion is a generalization, but it is a generalization based on a large independent sampling of people’s opinions gathered from multiple disparate sources, none of which were political in nature. That is somewhat different than trying to equate all of the Right with the actions of very small but over publicized minority.

    If you doubt my assertion as to the prevalence of the support for these videos, please Google for the videos and look at the comments on the sites that carry them yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your opinion and comments ARE valued in even disagreement – actually especially in disagreement. 🙂

  4. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    Sadly, this is the demographic that Palin has been pandering to. There are pictures of her supporters at rallies doing the extremely rabid sports antics of taking off their shirts and having their team spelled out on their chest. At one Palin Rally, her supporters spelled out M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K on their shirtless chests. You would most likely see that very same sports mentality by the fans of Terry Tate, who, while never actually playing in the NFL, seems by his persona to represent everything a rabid football fan wants to watch.

    The videos are stupid and tasteless, and I am not condoning them with the above comment, I am simply pointing out, as ag did, that the people at Palin’s rallies get whipped into a frenzy – well, it looks like ol’ Terry Tate got whipped into a frenzy and made two extremely offensive videos – most likely with the thrust being shameless self-promotion in an ugly and stereotypical fashion. I am offended by them, but to be honest, I find the action below downright frightening.

    A woman canvasser for Obama on Saturday was assaulted for real. The link below is not a shameless self-promoter making a stupid video – it is real life.

    KMJ – moderate Dem

  5. jonolan Says:

    Yeah Kelly, that was pretty bad and by way of counterpoint, so was this:

    We could both go back and forth, citing various examples of violence from both sides of the war / election. It’s that bad.

    For the record though, I didn’t find the videos frightening; I found them offensive. What I found disturbing was the public reaction to those videos. Like ag, you should go look for yourself and form your own unbiased opinion as to the nature and scope of the phenomenon.

  6. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    Jonolan –
    Actually, I did go to look at the comments, and found myself distracted by a VERY annoying and insulting Left video, I logged on to give them hell, and as I was reaching for my tea, I spilled a bunch of it all over my laptop. GAAAAA!

    Had to tear it apart, clean it, and get back up and running. NOW I am going to go look at the public reaction, and if it is as bad as you say it is, and I believe you, they are going to get a double dose of irritation from me because I am mad at my own clumsiness in dumping my hot beverage all over myself and my link to this out of control world.



    As a woman, I do find all of the violence going on, from both sides, both disturbing and frightening. As much as I dislike Palin, I really found that video sickening.
    And you have a point, there is so much violence on both sides that we could cite news stories all day – I will try to do what I ask others to do on my post – stick to the point of what is being written. My apologies.

  7. nocompromise Says:

    Disgusting. Sarah Palin must be doing something Right in order to be a target of MOST liberal slander and hatred!

  8. Paradigm Says:

    I consider myself a lefty, even though I am conservative on some issues and I didn’t like the clips. Few with a three digit IQ do, I suspect. Most likely those who like these clips will leave a comment and the rest will ignore it, so it’s unlikely to be representative of democrats.

  9. jonolan Says:


    What am I to think when it’s literally hundreds of comments on multiple sites, all in fairly rapid succession? I believe it speaks to an underlying meme among the Left.

    Do I think that all of the Left feels this way? No. Do I believe a large segment of them do? Yes, now.

    Also, in your case I think I should clarify that when I say the “Left,” I am saying in a completely American-centric way. They ideologies and behaviors of any group of Americans may well – but not necessarily – be quite divergent from non-American groups bearing the same name or title.

    Tack så mycket 🙂

  10. Gryfft Says:

    Dude, you do know that no one was hurt in the making of these videos? That they’re fiction?

    Palin talks and acts like an idiot and watching this was cathartic as hell. Would I ever espouse violence against ANYONE? Nope. I’m a pacifist. Would I watch a (simulated, genius) video of Palin getting body-slammed again, and again, and again?

    You bet your conservative ass. Lighten the hell up and find a real issue to bitch about.

  11. Ari Collins Says:

    What is racist about this video? Do you understand racism? If it was a white football player, would that change anything about the video? If not (and I think not), it’s not racist.

    You could certainly call it tasteless, violent, and many other things, and you may find it too much those things to find the unexpected surreality of it funny. But it’s not racist in any way. And the general American dislike of Palin (on both sides of the political spectrum, if you look at the polls) is certainly not sexist. It’s not a case of male Democrats hating her; she isn’t getting the female vote or the white vote or the independent vote and she even loses a lot of the conservative vote that doesn’t belong to the so-called “theocon” wing of the party. People just don’t think she’s very smart, capable, experienced, knowledgable, or really any positive quality aside from “folksy” and maybe “reformist”, and even those two wear a little thin when you find out about her background of political and financial corruption.

    I’m rambling, but the point is: not racist, and probably not sexist either.

    Oh, and by the way, you actually are electing a President, not casting a vote for which Youtube videos you found offensive and which you found funny. I think there’s a mite bit of a perspective issue going on here.

  12. jonolan Says:


    Yes – if it had been a White man attacking Palin it would not have been racist. Showing a Black man attacking a White woman is inherently racist in the same way that hanging a noose in a Black person’s yard is racist. Both play to very similar long held fears of the respective population groups. If it’s wrong to play on the fears of Blacks, then it’s also wrong to play on the fears of Whites.

    Let’s completely reverse the scenario. Can you imagine the hew and cry that would arise over a video of a White man smashing Sen. Obama to the ground the ground and berating him?

    As for sexism or misogyny, the video is rife with it. Violence against women is a serious problem in the US and not something that should be endorsed by using it for comedic purposes. This is something that right thinking people do not think is funny – but a lot Obama’s supporters sure seem to think it is.

    In any case, while I despise the videos the bulk of my complaint was about the reactions and comments on the sites that were showing them. I was shocked and appalled at the responses to the videos. It really does seem that a lot of the Left leave at lot to be desired morally.

  13. Ari Collins Says:

    Look, the fact is that if it was a white football player, the meaning of the video would not change at all. Whether you LIKE the video or not, the point of it (a break with reality wherein violence is used to resolve frustration with Palin’s ignorance and vacilation, and the humorous discomfort caused by that harsh transition to surreality) would not be changed one whit by making the football player white.

    But the bulk of your complaint is vitriol in Youtube comments? Really? You think this is a leftist thing? This is a Youtube thing. This is an internet thing. You’ll find just as ugly if not uglier stuff on the Right’s half of the internet. You might find MORE negative comments from the Left, since Democrats are winning the battle for the internet rather handily, but you’ll find the more incredible vitriol in Youtube comments if you look at conservative ads on Youtube. The kinds of comments that led Talking Points Memo’s David Kurtz to comment:

    “Barack Obama is noted for his powerful intellect, but I don’t think he gets nearly enough credit for the mental dexterity it takes to be simultaneously an Islamic theocrat, atheistic communist and national socialist while posing as a center left candidate. Those must be the compartmentalization skills they taught him at that Manchurian madrasah in Indonesia.”

    Point: get off your high horse, sir. I’m as disappointed in comments on the internet as you are. But they’re comments on the internet. Vitriol on the internet hardly belongs to any one group, be it race, class, gender, or political party.

  14. jonolan Says:

    Ahhh – so because other people are vile as well, I should get off my “high horse” and not complain about this particular form of vileness which is solely perpetrated by the Left?

    BTW: You never responded to the question about what would happen if a video had been released with a White man attacking Obama?

  15. Ari Collins Says:

    This is a particular INSTANCE of a vileness that is perpetrated by BOTH SIDES. To even say that it’s perpetrated by both sides is thinking about it the entirely wrong way. It’s perpetrated by ALL sides. It is perpetrated by the internet. It is perpetrated by the ability of the internet to anonymize your comments and bring out the worst in people. If you’re going to excorciate hateful internet comments, you can’t title your piece “The Left Likes This”. The democratic party doesn’t like this: anonymous internet commenters who like humorously violent videos lke this.

    Your question of what would happen if it was a white football player tackling Obama is an interesting one, I’ll give you that. However, I think a good way to look at it is whether you’re purposefully (or accidentally for that matter) tapping into racist feelings in your viewership. People are not (far as I can see anyway) commenting, “Yeah, black football player, put that white bitch in her place.” You would see a host of that if it were your Obama scenario. In fact, you can see a host of that if you wander around Youtube McCain videos for like five minutes.

  16. jonolan Says:

    Ari, a few choice comments, all from YouTube:

    “Jesus..she is more of a dumbass than george bush himself!!! wtf she is a stupid hoe” – thelittletiger1991

    “I approuved this message too shit that was funny she could use a big black man like Terry Tate “ – Top0ne

    “Damm that’s funny. Take that bitch down a notch! “ – BillOReillySux

    “Sarah Palin is such a stupid piece of filth. “ – ludachris475

    “Since Sarah Palin gets her kicks shooting wolves from planes, then I can get my kicks fucking her, then taking a rifle and shooting her in the vagina afterward.” – castingtherunes

    “Imagine how much you pissed off all the right wing McCain-iacs were when they saw a black man on top of? their Nazi Princess? I bet Katie Couric is way better in bed than Palin’s moose rot hole.” – bhite41

    “dont be mad were gonna have a black? prez jus start praticing kneelin down and kissin my feet u cracka!” – RoyaltyAuthority

    Those were just a few of the comments, harvested over the course of only a few minutes. Maybe now you can understand my sentiments; then again, maybe not.

  17. Akira Says:


    You can’t post anything negative about Democrats, and then expect them to just say, “Yes, you’re right. this is atrocious”, and that’s the end f it.

    No. They have to try and minimize it, or laugh it away, or counter with examples of Republican bad judgment, or make morally relativistic claims, or act like you’ve personally offended them.

    I don’t know how old you are, but this is what the future will be like if the “Fairness” Doctrine is reenacted (and this time they want to apply it to the internet). You won’t be able to just give your perspective without BY LAW having to provide an alternate point of view.

    And since leftists/”liberals” are more likely than conservatives to seek legal remedy and have the government enforce ideologically correct expression, you can guess what the consequences will be.

    These videos are disgusting. I thought I’d seen it all, but I was physically shocked. And only a complete moron or liar would deny that if the positions were reversed and you had a conservative guy smashing into Hillary Clinton like that, the media would be demanding the Republican Party candidates personal apology!

  18. jonolan Says:

    For the sake of a breath of fresh air review Kelly Mahan Jaramillo’s comment. She’s a self avowed Democrat and didn’t like the videos and won’t – judging from past conversations with her – like the comments.

    They’re not ALL bad; some agree with Obama’s policies but don’t have the cult-like mentality and quickness to attack as if their opposition were heretics.

  19. Akira Says:

    I’m not sure I’d present Kelly as a paragon of decency and objectivity.

    She begins by somehow blaming Sarah Palin for a video in whist she is treated like a punching bag.

    Kelly: “Sadly, this is the demographic that Palin has been pandering to.”

    Then a paragraph about crazed Palin supporters.

    Kelly: “You would most likely see that very same sports mentality by the fans of Terry Tate”

    So Tate is trying to appeal to Palin supporters by beating her, because they share the same fans? Huh?

    Kelly: “The videos are stupid and tasteless, and I am not condoning them with the above comment, [BUT, BUT, BUT] I am simply [yes, SIMPLY] pointing out…people at Palin’s rallies get whipped into a frenzy – well, it looks like ol’ Terry Tate got whipped into a frenzy and made two extremely offensive videos

    Oh I get it, Palin whips supporters into a rabid misogynistic frenzy, and somehow she did the same to Tate… or … ? I’m sorry, my logical faculties can’t be stretched that far.

    Then Kelly closes with an example to illustrate how you are taking this video just way too seriously, ’cause anti-Obama people hit people for real:

    Kelly: “A woman canvasser for Obama on Saturday was assaulted for real. The link below is not a shameless self-promoter making a stupid video – it is real life.”

    Isn’t that what I was saying?

    “They have to try and minimize it, or laugh it away, or counter with examples of Republican bad judgment, or make morally relativistic claims, or act like you’ve personally offended them.”

  20. Akira Says:

    Re: “Sadly, this is the demographic that Palin has been pandering to.” [So in the videos she’s getting what she deserves.]

    How about googling: obama steelers

    Or: Barack Obama is campaigning in Pittsburgh today, and here he is, getting an ’08 Obama Steelers jersey from none other than Dan Rooney

    How offensive! No? Kelly and I demand that Obama treat that jersey the way Bill Ayers treats the flag! Kelly and I demand that Obama renounce and decry the neanderthal vote!

    It’ll be interesting if somebody makes a video of Obama getting slammed to the ground, into a state of unconsciousness at least, by some insane footballer.

    Then I’ll be sure to comment, “”Sadly, this is the demographic that Obama has been pandering to.”

  21. Daniel Yahraes Says:


    You have this conspiracy theory that there is only 2 forms of people in the world… US and THEM.

    Whoever actually, as you put it thought it was FUNNY that, as you put it ‘A BIG BLACK MAN ASSAULTS A WHITE WOMAN’…

    I’ve never read anything in any serious media thinking this was funny. What crap are you reading?

    I don’t get it…

    Even when it was discovered as a hoax, I didn’t read any jokes in The New York Times, Huffington Post, or on CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC (and I guess these are all considered evil, leftist, liberal media working at destroying the fabric of our society???)

    (I still don’t know what The Left or The Right is … stupid labels…)

    If it’s blog sites, then you’re only doing yourself personal damage… the internet if full of crazies that can’t articulate their thoughts and desires through intimate personal contact…

    So easy to say “F*** the World” in a chat room than screaming it on the street.

  22. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    I just read posting… and I have this question I am dying to ask you…

    If you discovered a mass murder was a registered Democrat, would you refer to him as a typical leftist liberal?

    I would just refer to him as a psycho whack job.

    Referring to comments on You Tube as the higher moral compass of reasoning thinking people is like the lowest form of human interaction… whether they are leftist, righties, Democrats, Republicans… whatever….

    Because Obama got such a electoral landslide and since I know he didn’t get the vote unless it was people crossing party lines and folks voting for the first time (young and old)…. so in my mind, right now, there is no THAT ONE or THIS ONE or RIGHTY or LEFTY…

    I just feel some peace and unity…

  23. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    Now I seriously have to leave this site forever… I have to leave it thinking maybe I left it a better place… I don’t want to come back and find out you’re planning some murderous uprising and you’re chatting with Klan’s men…

    I’d rather leave it thinking you’re really a good person who will someday travel to another country and stay for at least two weeks to see what life is like elsewhere.

    You can’t truly be a proud American until you really personally experience the best and the worst from the outside world.

    Besides, Christ doesn’t have a political party.

    This is Dan… signing off forever… November 6th, 1:25AM

  24. jonolan Says:


    You’re quite mistaken in your idea that I’m some sort of untraveled, parochial bigot and/or xenophobe.

    I have lived and/or worked in: Japan, Hong Kong (under British rule), Taiwan, Singapore, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Turkey, South Africa (for Pres. Mandela), Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, Peru, and a few others that slip my mind at the moment.

    You see I am a proud American, one who traveled the world and saw that the American way was the best way for me. I didn’t come back and find my own country lacking – as you imply that I should of done.

    As to question about the mass murder

    How I would think of and describe such a person would depend greatly on why they killed their victims. If it was mindless killing or one for personal reasons, I would describe him as a “psycho whack job.”

    On the the hand, if he killed for political reasons based his liberal ideology I would describe him as member of the growing ranks of Leftist extremist. From the Weatherman forward, it’s been the Left who have produced the largest number – if not the most effective – of violent radicals.

  25. Ryan Says:

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