It’s OK, Rejoice!

Americans raised up a joyful noise unto the heavens and celebrated the extermination of the vermin, Osama bin Laden. This instantly caused varying degrees of concern and outrage from certain segments of the population within the border of America. The detractors seem to fall into two categories: fairly hardcore Christians and the Liberals.

Give the Christians the respect that they’re due for trying to adhere to religious principles that are, at this moment, utterly at odds with normative behavior. Don’t let them guilt you into feeling anything less than fierce joy at Osama bin Laden’s destruction though.

As for the Liberals, take note of them so that you can know them later, then ignore them and their complaints. Those complaints are solely based upon their fear of the American people, a fear not without cause since they for years worked to prevent our retribution being enacted upon the filth who attacked us and those that supported them.

It’s OK, rejoice for now. Remember though that there are many vermin left to be exterminated. This is not the end; it is only the end of the beginning.

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