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Olbermann’s Out

Posted in 2010 Election, Ethics & Morality, Society on November 6th, 2010

Keith Olbermann - Liberal Pundit, Media Personality, and Anti-American Traitor worthy of a slow death, preferably by being gut-shotAs most Americans know and Liberals bemoan, Keith Olbermann was suspended without pay indefinitely by NBC on November 5, 2010 for violating NBC News ethics policies. Specifically, he was removed for contributing to the election campaigns of three Democratic candidates this election season.

Silencing Olbermann is a great thing for America but I’m not sure this was the way to do it.

The stated reason for NBC’s suspension of the hyper-Liberal Olbermann was that he directly and willfully violated NBC’s Newsroom Policy when he made those donations with the one to Raul Grijalva being made immediately on the same day that Olbermann hosted Grijalva on his show:

Anyone working for NBC News who takes part in civic or other outside activities may find that these activities jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest. Such activities may include participation in or contributions to political campaigns or groups that espouse controversial positions. You should report any such potential conflicts in advance to, and obtain prior approval of, the President of NBC News or his designee.

There is no doubt that Keith Olbermann violated NBC’s policy which is based upon the journalistic ethics code called – ironically given the foul and perfidious degeneration of the NY Times – the code of the Grey Lady.

Where doubt, both ethical and logical, arises is in whether or not such standards and policies should be applied to Olbermann.

The ethical question arises from NBC’s policies themselves. Legal or not, is it right to require as terms of continued employment that employees refrain from full participation in the civic process? These employees are private citizens, and there’s an ethical issue with any employment requirement that impinges upon their freedoms of speech and association.

The logical problem is nothing more than a result of a logical fallacy based upon an utterly false and well-disproven postulate, that Keith Olbermann is a journalist or even an employee of a news agency. MSNBC is not a news agency by a creditable definition of the term and Keith Olbermann doesn’t even attempt to bear any resemblance to journalist. Applying the code of the Grey Lady to him is patently ridiculous.

So, for what little it’s worth in the grand scheme of things, I’m ambivalent about Olbermann suspension. I’m ecstatic that he’s been, at least temporarily, stopped from further polluting the airwaves with his filth, but I’m not fond of why he was removed.

On Nov 2 Money Talked

Posted in 2010 Election on November 5th, 2010

The Gadsen Flag - Don't Tread On MeIn the recent 2010 Congressional Mid-term Elections, as in almost all elections in America, money talked. This time, however, Americans weren’t listening or, if they were, they certainly repudiated what they heard.

Despite the majority of Dems outspending their GOP rivals they still lost because, contrary to the Liberals’ incessant whining, America is not for sale.

From the Washington Post:

In two-thirds of the House seats that Republicans picked up Tuesday, Democratic candidates had more money behind them, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission. Overall, Democratic candidates in the 63 races that flipped to the GOP had $206.4 million behind them, a tally that includes candidate fundraising and spending by parties and interests. That compares with only $171.7 million for their GOP rivals.

The pattern appears to contradict widespread complaints from Democrats that they were being unfairly overrun by wealthy Republicans, many of whom donated money to conservative groups to spend on political races unencumbered by the limits and public-disclosure requirements that constrain most political fundraising. The data show that even in many races in which Republicans had more outside help, they still had fewer resources than their Democratic opponents.

So much for President Obama’s baseless accusations and mendacious, jabbering attacks against the US Chambers of Commerce and any corporations that his handlers could think of for him to assault and slander.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after theyre down. 😉

Blues’ House Divided?

Posted in 2010 Election, 2012 Election, Politics on November 4th, 2010

There has been grumblings from within the Beltway for some time but the last couple of weeks leading up to the 2010 Congressional Mid-term Elections saw a sharp increase in behind the scenes rancor between Congressional Democrats and President Obama’s White House, and some dissension within the Congressional Democrats themselves.

Is the the Blues’ house divided in the wake of their trouncing by the GOP on November 2, 2010? There are some indication that this so and some hints that the surviving Dems are separating into two camps – the Clinton Democrats and the Obama Democrats.

A War in the Brewing? Two Dem Parties? Obama Democrats vs. Clinton Democrats
Internecine War Afoot Soon? Clinton Dems v. Obama Dems?

Word on the street (K Street) and scuttlebutt at the Capital Grille is that there might be a Primary Challenge against Obama. Some of those rumors point to a sudden increase in communications between Secretary of State Clinton and outgoing House Speaker Pelosi as the basis for substantiating this idea.

No, none of this has any online sources. It is a mixture of rumor, hearsay, extrapolation upon past and present behaviors by the principals involved, and some basic sociodynamics.

Take it for what it’s worth and no more, but also no less. I did break / predict Sen. McCain’s “choosing” Governor Sara Palin as his VP candidate and running mate a full week before the official announcement after all. 😉

It might get even worse for President Obama than being challenged in the Democratic Primary. Obama is wounded and weak, politically speaking, and there are always scandals and such that could be used to bring him down. If the Dems are split as rumor claims, the Clinton Dems – possibly including Pelosi – might aid the GOP’s expected attacks against Obama and not even block Impeachment proceedings.

Think about it for a moment. Pelosi weakens Obama enough so that Clinton can beat him in a Primary Challenge, then Clinton nominates Pelosi as her VP candidate.

One thing to watch for is whether or not Pelosi resigns from the House entirely and, if so, how she goes about it. Another is what Hillary Clinton is doing and how she presents herself to foreign governments, as principal actor or as Obama’s puppet.

Is the the Blues house divided? I think we’ll pretty much know the answer to that by Christmas.

It’s Not About Victory

Posted in 2010 Election, Politics on November 3rd, 2010

The Gadsen Flag - Don't Tread On MeThe 2010 Mid-Term Elections are over and the results were loud and clear with the Republican party gained 60 seats in the US House of Representatives, 6 seats in the US Senate, 8 Governorships, and somewhere around 500 seats at the State level across America.

But these election results are not about victory; they’re about defeat and who was defeated.

This was a defeat and repudiation of the agenda set forth by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; it was not necessarily an endorsement, ringing or otherwise, of the GOP and it would be best for these new Representative and Senators, and the Republican party leadership to never forget that simple but profound fact.

A Word Of Warning

Posted in 2010 Election on October 31st, 2010

A word of warning to good people of America. In just two days time on November 2, 2010 the Liberals trying to rule over rather than govern we, the People are likely going to suffer heavy losses in the Congressional Mid-Term Election – and that is a good and righteous thing, both as a punishment for their moral and cultural failings and as a referendum against their messiah, Obama’s ongoing pogrom against America.

But this same turn of the tides away from anti-Americanism, back closer to the path our country was envisioned to travel is fraught with the direst of peril for America.

America is in all likelihood about to be faced with a Lame Duck Congress filled with Leftist enemies of everything that America has ever stood for and led by the Triumvirate of Evil, Obama, Pelosi, And Reid.

With so many in the House and Senate returning from electoral defeat and Obama staring into the face of being confronted by an angry, American Congress, it is likely that they’ll try to ram home as many of their attacks against America as they can before January 3, 2011 when the current session of Congress ends.

The danger facing Americans is both clear and present; the solution is, however, much less so. Likely it will devolve to each good and true American deciding what actions are feasible and necessary to mitigate the threat, and which of those actions their respective consciences will bear.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after theyre down. 😉